Fixing Freedom: How to UnF**k Canada | Luke Denis and Chris Hampton

By Iron Will / January 31, 2024 /

Government corruption. State sponsored media. Rampant immigration. Unaffordable living costs. The attack upon the energy sector. Manufactured food shortages. The woke.

The problems facing our country seem at times overwhelming. For those of us in the older generations, we are also left wondering how our country, a nation founded on freedom and respect for people’s rights, could have fallen so far.

But people are pushing back. Victories in our courts are being won. Not as often as we would like, and not always for the reasons we would like, but victories nonetheless. People are sharing the truth both online and in person, despite censorship. And more and more Canadians are showing that they’ve had enough of the lies, the coercions, and the leftist narratives.

Some are running for office in an attempt to rebalance the political scales, and others have started new political parties, feeling that the existing conservative parties have fallen too far from the values they were elected to uphold to be saved.

I’ve interviewed a number of founders and leaders of new conservative parties, from Maxime Bernier to Pastor Art Pawlowski, current political leaders, to past Canadian Conservative politicians such as Preston Manning and Brian Peckford. All are well intentioned and truly believe that government exists to serve the people.

But none have given as much thought to the problems facing our country as my guests today.

Luke Denis and Chris Hampton are the founders of the United Freedom Party of Alberta. They are also the authors of the book The Freedom Handbook, published in 2017.

It’s been said that 90% of any solution is understanding the problem.

What Luke and Chris propose would be to many, an extreme form of libertarianism. Minimum government and maximum personal rights and responsibilities. A system in which governments are limited to defense and administration – and nothing else. Critics would say that a society can’t function with such a low level of government oversight.

But Luke and Chris provide very sound, thoughtful arguments to support their idea that not only can such a society survive, but that it would thrive and become a model that others would follow. As long as the people in that society accept that freedom is a responsibility. That we cannot truly have one without accepting the other.


Website of the United Freedom Party:

The Freedom Handbook:

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Elevate Local: Your Local Canadian Marketplace | Travis MacDonald and Amir Kendic

By Iron Will / January 28, 2024 /

During the plandemic, Canadian small and medium sized businesses suffered while internationally owned big box stores made record profits. Even now, many people shop online for the convenience while feeling guilty because they know they really should be buying local.

But what if there was a way to do both? To buy local, with the convenience of online shopping?

Travis MacDonald and Amir Kendic recently launched, a Canadian marketplace that is far more than just another business directory. Across the country, you can find local businesses, actual store fronts that you can visit if you wish, but you can also buy their products and services online through Elevate Local.

Elevate Local is a community. A community of consumers who want to buy from local businesses connecting with a community of local businesses who believe in ethical business practices and providing quality goods and services to their fellow Canadians. Together, the Elevate Local marketplace is the answer to big box stores. And because online shopping is also available, it’s safe from possible future lockdowns.

In this interview, Travis and Amir explain how Elevate Local provides convenience to Canadian consumers, while keeping their money in Canada, and how they help local businesses to connect with a broader customer base and even help new businesses to get off the ground.

LINK: Elevate Local –

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Taking Back Our Country: The Manual | David Parker

By Iron Will / January 17, 2024 /

Canada has been one of the most controlled countries in the world in recent years. Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum has openly bragged about controlling over half of Trudeau’s Liberal cabinet. From appearances, he may be telling the truth. Canada is an occupied country, controlled by globalists with the willing cooperation of elected traitors.

But Canadians are fighting back, and nowhere is that more evident than in Alberta.

Alberta remains the only province to declare the vaccine mandates illegal, and to have the current government pay for an investigation of the previous government’s Covid response. The only province to force the premier responsible for the Covid mandates to resign, and to replace him with a premier who is working for the people.

None of this is by accident.

In 2021, David Parker launched Take Back Alberta. Using his long experience in politics, David inspired the people to get active. To show up in record numbers to influence party decisions. To vote out a bad premier and replace him with a much better one. And at the last Annual General Meeting, to propose numerous amendments to Alberta law to protect the rights of the people in the future. Amendments which premier Danielle Smith’s government is taking seriously. We can expect at least some of them to be passed into law.

This interview is the manual on how to do in your province what David Parker and Take Back Alberta have achieved in Canada’s freest province.

David will tell you it’s a lot of hard work and sacrifice. But he will also show you that one person can not only make a difference, but a difference so profound it can change an entire province.


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What’s Wrong with Men in Women’s Sports?: April Hutchinson

By Iron Will / January 7, 2024 /

Women’s sports in Canada are under attack. Men are being allowed to compete against women simply because they identify as women. There is no sport where the unfairness of this is more amply demonstrated than in powerlifting.

I have no patience with the woke. They can identify any way they wish, but that doesn’t mean I have to play along. My answer to Matt Walsh’s documentary question, What is a Woman, is simply an adult human with two x chromosomes. Similarly, a man is an adult human with an x and y chromosome.

Recently the Canadian Powerlifting Union decided that anyone who identifies as a woman can compete in women’s powerlifting. And a gender confused man who calls himself Anne Andres has done just that, shattering women’s records.

April Hutchinson is a record setting Canadian powerlifter. April is a woman. She holds the North American record for women’s deadlift, and often places first at powerlifting competitions. Or at least, she did, until the CPU allowed Anne Andres to compete. Many female athletes said nothing, knowing they would suffer consequences if they did. But April had the courage to speak up in defense of the integrity of her sport. For this, the CPU banned her from competition for two years. While April’s lawyer is appealing, we have no guarantee that sanity will return any time soon.

In this interview, April not only tells her story but April and I reveal the extreme degree of unfairness in allowing men to compete against women. If you’ve been watching my interviews for any length of time you know I’m something of a fitness nut. I’ve been lifting weights for 42 years. I’m not a powerlifter. I’ve never been a competitive athlete of any kind, but years spent in gyms has equipped me to understand just how much stronger than women men are.

After over 350 interviews, I can tell you that no subject has made me angrier than this. So angry, that I forgot to turn on two of my cameras. The wide angle view of my studio you’ve become used to recently is missing. We have only the zoom feed but that in no way lessens the truth you are about to hear.

The Canadian Powerlifting Union completely understands what they are doing. Actively working to destroy women’s powerlifting in Canada.

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Of the People, By the People, For the People: Adrienne Richards and Joseph Enslow

By Iron Will / December 17, 2023 /

For many of us, conversations with our like minded friends and family are often dominated by provincial and federal politics, but the fact is that many of the government decisions which impact our lives are made at the local level.

In addition, globalist organizations and special interest groups are working constantly to influence local council decisions.

Over a year ago, Adrienne and Joseph founded the Citizen’s Oversight & Accountability Project, or COAP, in the Cowichan Valley on B.C.’s Vancouver Island. They hold town hall meetings to hear from residents, and then take those ideas to the local councils. They read the many letters that councils receive from outside organizations that are efforts to influence policy, and where needed, point out to council members the ways in which those policies would be detrimental to their communities. They produce informative videos, bring in guest speakers to their town hall meetings to educate the populace, and publish a local conservative newspaper.

In addition, COAP functions as a community support group, bringing together the members of the community in ways that are more reminiscent of 1950’s Canada than today’s social media driven society.

This interview, which is being released free in its entirety, is a guide for the rest of us on how to do what Adrienne and Joe have done. To bring effective representation to your local councils, to educate not only the people but the elected representatives, and to unite residents into real communities.

Real communities where there is true representation, where, to quote Abraham Lincoln, there is government of the people, by the people, for the people.


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Hope for the Vaxxed: Dr. Peter McCullough

By Iron Will / December 3, 2023 /

Vaccine injuries are rampant. From recent studies which show that everyone, everyone, who has taken a Covid vaccine has suffered at least some heart damage, to those who are now unable to work, the tens of millions of doses that have been administered in Canada have caused immeasurable harm.

What is worse, is that we still don’t know if the body can heal itself. If mitochondrial DNA which has been reprogrammed by the DNA in the shots, will ever stop manufacturing toxic spike proteins.

While scientists around the world continue to research to find ways to reverse the damage, there are, right now, effective treatments for the vaccine injured.

Dr. Peter McCullough may very well be the best known name in this area. From the creation of the McCullough Protocol, an effective early treatment for Covid that has saved countless people, to his association with The Wellness Company, Dr. McCullough has worked tirelessly to help those either at risk from Covid, or who have been injured by the vaccines.

He joins me today with a list of effective, affordable treatments that are available now, without a prescription.

If you or someone you know has been vaccine injured, or if you are often exposed to the vaccinated and are concerned about shedding, this is a must watch interview. It is for this reason that this interview is being released free in its entirety.

With such a well known guest, I could have put most of this interview behind a paywall and used it to drive more memberships at Iron Will Memberships, the purpose of which is not to enrich myself, but to finance our efforts at our freedom organization, Strong and Free

But my wife and I founded Strong And Free Canada to help our fellow Canadians recover and defend their rights and freedoms and to help people who have been harmed by our government’s draconian mandates.

And so, all I will ask with this interview with Dr. McCullough is that you share it widely. In so doing, you will help us to help others.

The Wellness Company:
Use Code StrongAndFree to get 10% off

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Healthy Home, Healthy Office: Patrik Pavlica

By Iron Will / November 29, 2023 /

The globalists are doing everything they can to poison our environment. From manufactured foods to Covid injections, from 5G to chemtrails, even the very air we breathe is becoming increasingly toxic.

During the plandemic, hospitals spent millions on new air purification systems and positive pressure operating rooms. But there was a simpler, easier and much cheaper way.

FN Nano produces a revolutionary coating which can simply be painted on the ceilings of your home or office, and which will instantly destroy any organic molecule that comes in contact with it, while remaining completely safe to touch.

And the company backs up their claims with before and after air quality testing.

I am joined in the studio today by Patrik Pavlica, a representative of FN Nano who explains how the product works, as well as the cost and benefits. And remember those hospitals that spent millions on air purification? Patrik also tells us what happened when he approached every single hospital and health clinic in Canada with an offer to use this coating.

Finally, during the interview, Patrik conducts a test of the air quality in my studio, with some alarming results.


FN Nano Website:

Here is the video which explains how our nano technology works:

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The Big Picture: Life Inside the Control Grid | Todd Michael Harris and Amanda Forbes

By Iron Will / November 19, 2023 /

Todd Michael Harris is best known for his excellent documentary, Uninformed Consent. Now Todd has produced a new documentary, The Big Picture: Life Inside the Control Grid. This is not just another documentary on Covid, but rather a comprehensive six part series on the entire globalist control agenda.

Todd created the documentary after being approached with the idea by Amanda Forbes, the Canadian president of Children’s Health Defense, who herself has a vaccine injured child, not from the Covid vaccines, but from the childhood vaccination schedule.

The documentary features many of the big players from the freedom and truth movement, Robert Kennedy Jr., presidential candidate and founder of Children’s Health Defense, Catherine Austin Fitts, who perhaps understands the globalist’s financial agenda better than anyone, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Pierre Kory, co founder of the Front Line Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance, Dr. Ryan Cole, and Canadian doctors Stephen Malthouse and Byram Bridle and ethics professor Dr. Julie Ponesse, among many others.

It also tells the true story of David and Collet Stephan, who lost their infant son to medical malpractice and who spent years in court defending themselves against false charges of failing to provide medical necessities to their child, Ezekiel. To this day Health Canada is still claiming that Ezekiel died of meningitis, despite the fact that two different Canadian courts found that not to be true.

In this documentary, Todd and Amanda reveal what is truly The Big Picture, a high level overview of the globalist agenda, and how we can fight against it and reclaim our rights, our freedoms and our country.

Stay tuned at the end of this full free interview for a short excerpt from the documentary, The Big Picture: Life Inside the Control Grid.

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Goose and Maple: George Douklias

By Iron Will / October 8, 2023 /

Over the past three years hundreds of thousands of Canadians lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates. But not all employers were on board with the narrative. What was needed was way to connect unvaxxed job seekers with employers who would not discriminate based upon vaccine status.

In 2021, George Douklias and Melissa Lauchli launched Jabless Jobs, an online employment agency that did just that. George got the idea after he was fired from his job for refusing the vax. His boss told him he would fail, that no employer would hire someone who had not taken the shots.

Two years later, Jabless Jobs is expanding. Yesterday, October 7th, the new improved version of the very successful non-discriminatory employment agency launched under their new iconically Canadian name,

Not only will Goose and Maple carry on the work of Jabless Jobs in matching unvaxxed job seekers with employers, but they have also launched a business directory where you can find businesses that don’t require their customers to wear masks or show proof of vaccination.

In addition, George provides insights into the careers today that are in high demand. For the young deciding what educational path to pursue, or those looking to retrain, this interview is essential viewing.

LINK: Goose and Maple

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The T-H-R-I-V-E Protocol: Tish Conlin

By Iron Will / October 1, 2023 /

We have all faced adversity in our lives, and for many of us, especially so in the past few years.

The key to surviving hard times lies not so much in waiting for our situation to improve, but to improve our selves. To become more resilient.

TISH CONLIN is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Black Belt Martial Artist, Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Energy & Detox Coach. She published her first book – ABCs of Food: Boost Your Energy, Confidence and Success with the Power of Nutrition – in 2015 and recently released her new book- The T-H-R-I-V-E Protocol to help people stay healthy and resilient in difficult times. She is an international speaker on health, resilience and success and has run a talent solutions firm, and soft skills training firm for over 25 years. Those resources can be found at Tish ran in the 2021 Federal Election for the People’s Party of Canada and will be running again this Fall in the upcoming by-election for Durham to help stop the medical tyranny and Agenda 2030. Her political site can be found at She has her own podcast called TishTalk and can be found on Rumble, BitChute, Spotify and Apple.

In her book, The Thrive Protocol, Tish provides the keys to physical, mental and emotional resiliency that will provide you with the strength to not only survive adversity, but thrive, even in the most challenging of times.


Tish Talk


The T.H.R.I.V.E. Protocol

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