Iron Will Legal Updates – Episode 2 | Leighton Grey

By Shawna / September 19, 2022 /

On In Focus with Melanie Risdon, guests Leighton Grey and Christian Jones weigh in on the ongoing lawsuit against Canadian National Railway (CN Rail) and discuss a new lawsuit being prepared by additional plaintiffs. Several hundred employees are suing the railway headquartered in Montreal, Que., for bringing in a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy in the…

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Let’s Try the Truth…What a Concept! | Sam Anthony, YourNews

By Shawna / August 23, 2022 /

This is a revolution!  Your News is reclaiming the power of the press. Benjamin Franklin was passionate about creating something for the people to read. It was news available at your fingertips! There was opposition, support, anger, and joy. But what we really experienced at the birth of freedom was the ability to share and…

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Cancel Culture and Doing the Right Thing | Dr. Andrew Wakefield

By Shawna / August 4, 2022 /

Join us as we discover Andrew Wakefield’s side of the story: How did his medical and academic colleagues react to his studies in 1995? What was the reaction of the budding “cancel culture”? What about the data correlating age-specific risk to MMR shots and autism? What did a famous celebrity say about the documentary Vaxxed?…

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Iron Will Legal Updates – Episode 1 | Leighton Grey

By Shawna / July 27, 2022 /

Today’s episode centers on large scale actions that Leighton Grey is directly involved in on the subject of Canadian workers in federal court and in the provinces of BC, Alberta and Manitoba. There are thousands of Canadians that have been impacted by vaccine mandates involved in these cases whose human rights have been violated. Who…

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Booster Shots Every 9 Months and Other Tyrannies

By Shawna / July 6, 2022 /

In today’s update: More information on the announcement made yesterday that Canadians will be required to get a ‘booster shot’ every 9 months Upcoming interviews on vaccine harms More info on the recent arrest of Tamara Lich Bank accounts still being frozen; Dr. Rochagné Kilian Our own brochures censored by Vistaprint Brochures available for pickup…

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That Friday Show | Canada Day Special

By Iron Will / July 1, 2022 /

In this episode of That Friday Show: • Dictator Watch • In Interview with Joe Johnson, formerly Canada’s biggest fan of the vaccines • Take the Shot • Episode 5 of Trudeau Transit • Justin’s first report card • and a special tribute to Great Moments in Canadian History and as always, Will’s unique take…

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9 Practical Steps to Protecting Your Privacy: Step 1 | Oliver Ross

By Shawna / June 30, 2022 /

LINKS: Liberty Lives Contact Oliver

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That Friday Show | June 17th, 2022

By Iron Will / June 17, 2022 /

In this episode of That Friday Show: Episode 4 of Trudeau Transit An Interview with Klaus Schwab Newsbusters with Jenna Verity In the Hood with Jody Ledgerwood The Covid Zone Inside Trudeau’s Head AND Will Does Standup! LINK: Voice Actor – Newsbusters Theme

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The Most Famous March in Canadian History | James Topp

By Shawna / June 16, 2022 /

We are joined today by Warrant Officer James Topp, a 28-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces who set out in February of this year to march from BC to Ottawa in protest of the covid mandates that are being imposed on all Canadians by our own government or by our employers – or both.…

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Iron Will on Everything – Save Our Children From The FDA – Deadline: June 7, 2022

By Shawna / June 6, 2022 /

Will and Dr. Sam Dubé explain how you can support this initiative seeking to stop US FDA approval of the covid injections for babies and children 6 months to 4 years old. This approval will lead to these injections being added to the childhood vaccination schedule, which will indemnify the pharmaceutical companies from any and…

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