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Fixing Freedom: How to UnF**k Canada | Luke Denis and Chris Hampton

Government corruption. State sponsored media. Rampant immigration. Unaffordable living costs. The attack upon the energy sector. Manufactured food shortages. The woke.

The problems facing our country seem at times overwhelming. For those of us in the older generations, we are also left wondering how our country, a nation founded on freedom and respect for people’s rights, could have fallen so far.

But people are pushing back. Victories in our courts are being won. Not as often as we would like, and not always for the reasons we would like, but victories nonetheless. People are sharing the truth both online and in person, despite censorship. And more and more Canadians are showing that they’ve had enough of the lies, the coercions, and the leftist narratives.

Some are running for office in an attempt to rebalance the political scales, and others have started new political parties, feeling that the existing conservative parties have fallen too far from the values they were elected to uphold to be saved.

I’ve interviewed a number of founders and leaders of new conservative parties, from Maxime Bernier to Pastor Art Pawlowski, current political leaders, to past Canadian Conservative politicians such as Preston Manning and Brian Peckford. All are well intentioned and truly believe that government exists to serve the people.

But none have given as much thought to the problems facing our country as my guests today.

Luke Denis and Chris Hampton are the founders of the United Freedom Party of Alberta. They are also the authors of the book The Freedom Handbook, published in 2017.

It’s been said that 90% of any solution is understanding the problem.

What Luke and Chris propose would be to many, an extreme form of libertarianism. Minimum government and maximum personal rights and responsibilities. A system in which governments are limited to defense and administration – and nothing else. Critics would say that a society can’t function with such a low level of government oversight.

But Luke and Chris provide very sound, thoughtful arguments to support their idea that not only can such a society survive, but that it would thrive and become a model that others would follow. As long as the people in that society accept that freedom is a responsibility. That we cannot truly have one without accepting the other.


Website of the United Freedom Party: https://freedomisaparty.com/

The Freedom Handbook: https://www.amazon.ca/Freedom-Handbook-Luke-Denis/dp/1524582530/

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