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Elevate Local: Your Local Canadian Marketplace | Travis MacDonald and Amir Kendic

During the plandemic, Canadian small and medium sized businesses suffered while internationally owned big box stores made record profits. Even now, many people shop online for the convenience while feeling guilty because they know they really should be buying local.

But what if there was a way to do both? To buy local, with the convenience of online shopping?

Travis MacDonald and Amir Kendic recently launched ElevateLocal.ca, a Canadian marketplace that is far more than just another business directory. Across the country, you can find local businesses, actual store fronts that you can visit if you wish, but you can also buy their products and services online through Elevate Local.

Elevate Local is a community. A community of consumers who want to buy from local businesses connecting with a community of local businesses who believe in ethical business practices and providing quality goods and services to their fellow Canadians. Together, the Elevate Local marketplace is the answer to big box stores. And because online shopping is also available, it’s safe from possible future lockdowns.

In this interview, Travis and Amir explain how Elevate Local provides convenience to Canadian consumers, while keeping their money in Canada, and how they help local businesses to connect with a broader customer base and even help new businesses to get off the ground.

LINK: Elevate Local – https://elevatelocal.ca/

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