77-Year-Old Doctor Threatened with Prison | Dr. Mary O’Connor

By Shawna / January 10, 2023 /

Dr. Mary O’Connor, who has been practicing medicine in Ontario for 45 years was taken to the Supreme Court by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario for refusing to hand over her patient’s private medical records. Dr. O’Connor, like other ethical doctors in Canada, first attracted the ire of the CPSO by writing exemptions for masks and shots. They suspended her license and raided her office. Fortunately, Mary had the foresight to move the records prior to the raid. The Supreme Court ordered her to hand them over. She refused. She is now awaiting a hearing in February. Mary has been fined and is being threatened with prison.

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Monday Mockery: Trudeau’s BastardCharge

By Shawna / January 9, 2023 /

“There are honest politicians. For everyone else, there’s BastardCharge”.

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The Iron Will Weekly News Report

By Shawna / January 6, 2023 /

In this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report:

  • JCCF President Spends 23 Hours in Solitary Confinement
  • Food Bank Users Requesting Assisted Suicide
  • All Airports to Close by 2050
  • Bill to Expose Foreign Influence Being Delayed by Liberals
  • Facial Recognition Software Targets Innocent Mother of 9 Year Old Girl
  • Analysis: The Multi-Pronged Attack On the Truth

And in the member’s version, all of the above, PLUS:

  • New Twitter Stats Reveal CBC Has Almost No Followers
  • CBC’s ‘Unbiased’ Coverage of Damar Hamlin
  • Canadian Gov. Pays Out Almost 3 Million in Vaccine Damages
  • Non-Vaxxed the New Universal Blood Donors
  • The Kraken Variant: Where Did it Come From?
  • Government Hires ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ Propaganda Firm
  • Ontario Lawyer Now Providing Legal Exemption Letters
  • Exercise is a ‘White Supremacist Plot’
  • Short People Could Save the Planet

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Your Utility Company is Spying on You | Cal Washington, InPower

By Shawna / January 4, 2023 /

‘Smart meters’, which were installed on your house without your consent, are gathering data and building a detailed profile on you. A profile which your utility company sells to other companies, and maybe even to the government.

But there is something you can do. Cal Washington, the Vancouver-based founder of, has created a customizable NOL which will allow you to turn the tables on the utility companies and charge them for spying on you.

  • How detailed is the data the meters collect?
  • Do ‘smart devices’ talk to your smart meter?
  • Do smart meters actually save you money?
  • How can you use the NOL from to turn the tables and use the utility company’s own legal strategy against them?

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Hope for the Vaccine Injured | Dr. Ellapen Rapiti

By Shawna / January 3, 2023 /

Dr. Ellapen Rapiti, who developed a treatment protocol for Covid which saved 99.73% of his patients (2,992 out of 3,000) has also treated the vaccine injured. He explains some of the severe adverse reactions and lays out a home treatment protocol which can help you recover from these toxic injections.

  • How do the spike proteins damage your body?
  • What drugs should you take and how do you get them?
  • What natural supplements should you take?
  • What other steps can you take to recover?

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Dr. Mark Trozzi : Targeted by the CPSO

By Iron Will / December 27, 2022 /

Dr. Mark Trozzi, who can be found online at, is an Ontario ER doctor who took a leave of absence in early 2021 to tell people the truth about Covid and the vaccines. He sold his house to continue to pay his bills and has been without an income of any kind. Dr. Crystal Luchkiw had her license suspended by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons for ‘allegedly’ writing a vaccine exemption. Her story can be found in a previous interview, The Crimes of the CPSO – Drs. Trozzi, Phillips, Luchkiw and Phillips posted at on November 28th. At that point in time Dr. Trozzi had not practiced medicine since taking his leave, and still had his license.

Earlier this month, Dr. Trozzi, along with Dr. Chris Shoemaker, stepped in to help at Dr. Luchkiw’s clinic, where her patients had been without medical care for 8 months.

Within 4 hours of seeing his first patient, Dr. Trozzi’s license was suspended by the CPSO, and Dr. Shoemaker is under investigation.

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Trozzi and his lawyer Michael Alexander, reveal the full story – and the tragic death that resulted from the criminal actions of the CPSO.

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The Iron Will Weekly News Report

By Iron Will / December 23, 2022 /

In this week’s report…

  • Climate Change Crazies Attack on Farmers
  • Why the Federal Govt. Loves Pot
  • Guilbeault Electric Car Hypocrisy
  • How to Spot a Terrorist – New Zealand
  • Microsoft’s Real World Minority Report
  • Brian Peckford – Equalization and Reform

And in the member’s version, the above PLUS:

  • Gates’ Cow Fetish
  • Giorgia Meloni’s Scare
  • Vaxxed Blood Kills Baby
  • Bad Movie Sequel – Tam the Grinch
  • Trudeau’s Attack on Life
  • Yet Another Censorship Bill
  • Court Rules Vaxxports OK
  • What is a Woman – Even the Dictionary Doesn’t Know
  • Cambridge Dictionary Redefines Man and Woman
  • People Tired of Politically Correct Christmas

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The Silencing of the Truth | Canadian Frontline Nurses

By Shawna / December 20, 2022 /

Three nurses facing disciplinary action from the College of Nurses of Ontario for standing up for what is right for themselves and their patients.

Kristen Nagle

Co-Founder, A dedicated nurse of 14 years, primarily in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, she has taken on a new role of activism and Health Care advocacy, after being terminated from her position as a RN for speaking up against the narrative. Her background in Holistic Nutrition has helped her understand conventional medicine as well as whole body wellness that incorporates the mind, body and spirit to uncover the root cause of illness.

Kristal Pitter

Kristal practiced nursing for 24 years in the areas of medicine/surgery, community, geriatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, paramedical services, public health, maternal/child health, sexual health, infectious disease, primary health care, management, and long-term care home inspection. She practiced as a Registered Nurse for 14 years and as a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner for 10 years. When ineffective and harmful measures lacking medical and scientific evidence were implemented in response to COVID-19 in 2020, Kristal embraced the role of whistleblower, boldly and courageously speaking out against the accepted narrative to protect the health and safety of humanity, despite the risk of reprisal. This led to being terminated from her nursing position and being investigated by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). Her license to practice nursing is being threatened.

Sarah Choujounian

Co-founder, nurse since 2004, mostly works in nursing homes, had fibromyalgia but corrected diet and cleared it. Sarah was fired from both her nursing jobs, her license is under investigation and has been defamed by the media for speaking out against the lockdowns. She is presently working on creating the mental health initiative “Lighting Up Dark Corners”, created to empower people to explore the root cause of their mental health challenges & discover natural ways to heal & rise.


Canadian Frontline Nurses

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The Iron Will Weekly News Report

By Shawna / December 16, 2022 /

In this week’s Iron Will report…

  • Patients Dying on Waiting Lists
  • Jagmeet and Trudeau May Be Breaking Up
  • Canada’s Florida
  • WHO and Bill Gates New Pandemic Exercise
  • Social Credit Scores Coming to Canada
  • Bill C-21 Disarming Canadians

And in the Members version all of the above PLUS…

  • 15 Minute City: Your Life in a Box
  • Money for Nothing – $2 Billion for Freeland
  • Gilligan’s Canada
  • Small Businesses Targeted – Again
  • Families Without Power for Refusing Smart Meters
  • Gender Confused Hockey Fights
  • High School Boy Who Fought For Girl’s Rights Suspended

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The Multi-Vaxxed: Variant Factories | Dr. Robert Malone

By Shawna / December 16, 2022 /

“My mission is to stop the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, and the vaccine mandates, to identify and teach about lifesaving treatments for COVID-19 and other pandemics. My goal is to save lives.” – Dr. Robert Malone

  • What is the difference between the platform Dr. Malone invented and the c-19 injections?
  • Why are the multi-vaxxed flooding the hospitals?
  • What would have happened if we had treated covid like any other coronavirus?
  • What can be done to stop this global fiasco?

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