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Our freedoms are under attack. Our government has turned against us while fearmongering and outright lies have become the stock in trade of today's mainstream media.

Iron Will brings you the truth, from experts, whistle-blowers and victims of government and medical tyranny through interviews, news reports, and satirical content, shining a light on the cockroaches and exposing the lies and fearmongering for what they are.

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Leighton Grey Ep2 WS

Iron Will Legal Updates – Episode 2 | Leighton Grey

On In Focus with Melanie Risdon, guests Leighton Grey and Christian Jones weigh in on the ongoing lawsuit against Canadian…

Sam Anthony Your News_1_Moment

Let’s Try the Truth…What a Concept! | Sam Anthony, YourNews

This is a revolution!  Your News is reclaiming the power of the press. Benjamin Franklin was passionate about creating something…

Andrew Wakefield MMR vaccines.00_31_04_03.Still001

Cancel Culture and Doing the Right Thing | Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Join us as we discover Andrew Wakefield’s side of the story: How did his medical and academic colleagues react to…

legal update 1 fetaured image

Iron Will Legal Updates – Episode 1 | Leighton Grey

Today’s episode centers on large scale actions that Leighton Grey is directly involved in on the subject of Canadian workers…

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The plandemic is being used as an excuse by global tyrants to steal our rights and freedoms, our youth are having their identities stolen through a planned program of gender confusion based upon transgenderism and the non-binary movement, critical race theory is being taught in our schools as a tool of division, our governments are owned or heavily influenced by foreign powers, the mainstream media is controlled by the enemy, and those who speak out against these tyrannies lose their jobs, their friends and their families.

Fear and ignorance are the pandemic. Truth is the cure.

When the people are armed with the truth, they stop being afraid, they get angry, and they fight back. Join the Iron Legion and help Iron Will and his team bring the truth to the people.

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Who Is Iron Will?

Will Dove (Iron Will) considers himself an ordinary guy doing his best to fight tyranny in order to protect the health, well-being and freedoms of his fellow Canadians. Will is proud to be Canadian, but he believes in the will of the people, not the government.

A father of two and married to his best friend for 25 years, Will never expected to be either a political activist nor an independent journalist. Will had studied journalism when he was younger, had been a professional web developer for years, and had a list of other skills which lent themselves well to his fight for truth and freedom. He also had the benefit of a stable home life, having an excellent relationship with his very supportive wife and their adult children.

Will is enthusiastically libertarian and believes in absolute minimum government and maximum personal rights and responsibilities. Will conducts interviews with experts and whistle-blowers but those interviews state clearly that the views of the guests do not always reflect Will's views. Will supports capital punishment, micro government, and the abolition of the nanny state. Will believes that critical race theory and transgenderism are a conscious attack upon our youth, and that our educational and health care systems need a ground-up overhaul. And Will believes that most of what we hear from our government and mainstream media is either misleading or an outright lie, including Covid fearmongering, manmade global warming, overpopulation and a long list of other bunk not supported by real science in any way.

In short, Will would have fit in much better in the 1950s than today, but sometimes, you need your very own dinosaur.


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Will conducts at least two interviews per week with experts, whistle-blowers and victims of tyranny. As a general guideline, interviews focused on protecting your health and that of your loved ones will be free. Other interviews on subjects such as protecting your privacy, your assets and your freedoms are members only content.

That Friday Show

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That Friday Show was discontinued in summer 2022 due to the extreme time commitment required to produce it, however we are still releasing regular satirical content.

Our popular bi-weekly comedy show where we shine a light on the cockroaches by revealing government and media misinformation through satire.

Every show contains special segments such as our internationally viral pharma ads (Schizer, Murderna and Jonestown & Jonestown), The Other Side (Will's interviews with muppet personalities on the other side of the narrative), The Covid Zone, South Park style episodes of Trudeau Transit, and much more. And of course, Will's own satirical take on the news.

Laughter is essential, especially in times of duress. So take a break and join us as we poke fun at a wide range of subjects with our unique brand of humor.

Iron Will on Everything

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Will's thoughts and perspective on everything and anything.

From conjecture on the future to advice on protecting yourself and your loved ones from tyranny, government overreach, privacy violations and much more.

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