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Research Report for the Week of

By Iron Will / July 22, 2022 /

TOP STORIES Serious Side Effects Exceed the Risk of Hospitalization with COVID-19 in the Swedish Population 86-Year-Old Man Harassed at Border – Abolish ArriveCan MLB…

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Research Report for the Week of

By Iron Will / July 15, 2022 /

TOP STORIES Health minister says vaccine boosters will be required every nine months Life Insurance CEO Reveals Deaths Are Up 40% Among Working People: “Just…

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Setting the Record Straight – The Legal Cases | James Topp

By Iron Will / July 13, 2022 /

Rumours abound. Will and James set the record straight. Was James arrested? Has he received criminal charges? What is the status of his legal battle…

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That Friday Show | Canada Day Special

By Iron Will / July 1, 2022 /

In this episode of That Friday Show: • Dictator Watch • In Interview with Joe Johnson, formerly Canada’s biggest fan of the vaccines • Take the Shot • Episode 5 of Trudeau Transit • Justin’s first report card • and a special tribute to Great Moments in Canadian History and as always, Will’s unique take…

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That Friday Show | June 17th, 2022

By Iron Will / June 17, 2022 /

In this episode of That Friday Show: Episode 4 of Trudeau Transit An Interview with Klaus Schwab Newsbusters with Jenna Verity In the Hood with Jody Ledgerwood The Covid Zone Inside Trudeau’s Head AND Will Does Standup! LINK: Voice Actor – Newsbusters Theme

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That Friday Show | June 3rd, 2022

By Iron Will / June 3, 2022 /

It’s Season Two of That Friday Show, where the seasons are completely arbitrary and mean nothing whatsoever… In this episode: Episode 3 of Trudeau Transit A Special Edition of Dictator Watch What Happens in Davos, Doesn’t Stay in Davos A New BastardCharge Commercial Inside Trudeau’s Head Our First Episode of NewsBusters and… Will’s new Co-Host,…

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Holland, Worse Than Canada But Victories Are Being Won | Willem Engel

By Iron Will / May 31, 2022 /

Willem Engel is at the center of the fight for rights and freedoms in Holland. Their Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, is very similar to Trudeau.…

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The Corruption of Mainstream Media | Anita Krishna

By Iron Will / May 27, 2022 /

Anita Krishna worked as a producer for Global News for 20 years. She was recently fired for attending a demonstration in Vancouver where she spoke…

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Iron Will on Everything | The Globalist’s Attack Strategies on Our Freedoms

By Iron Will / May 23, 2022 /

In this edition of Iron Will on Everything, Will gives a bird’s eye view of the many strategies being used by the globalists to rob us of our rights and freedoms and establish a one-world tyrannical government. Dr. Trozzi’s Videos on How the Vaccines Damage the Immune System (only 3 of 5 have so far…

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That Friday Show | May 20, 2022

By Iron Will / May 21, 2022 /

In this episode of That Friday Show: Two new campaign ads for Doug Ford Episode Two of Trudeau Transit Inside Trudeau’s Head A Special Edition of The Covid Zone Iron Will’s Garage Gym Rant: Dog Logic and Will’s usual irreverent take on the news. LINK: More from Tru-dope Voice Actor – That Friday Show

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