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Monday Mockery: Eating Bugs? Sure, but…

By Iron Will / January 2, 2023 /

With the push for all of us to eat bugs, we must ask, what do we do with the leftovers? In this episode of Monday Mockery, Zethra Chalmers shows us a crafty use for those leftover butterfly wings.

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Justin Turdeau’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

By Iron Will / January 2, 2023 /

Satire is back! Enjoy this short muppet special produced for Christmas Eve 2022.

Over 100,000 views on Youtube in just one week!

How many views, now?

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On Rumble

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Dr. Mark Trozzi : Targeted by the CPSO

By Iron Will / December 27, 2022 /

Dr. Mark Trozzi, who can be found online at, is an Ontario ER doctor who took a leave of absence in early 2021 to tell people the truth about Covid and the vaccines. He sold his house to continue to pay his bills and has been without an income of any kind. Dr. Crystal Luchkiw had her license suspended by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons for ‘allegedly’ writing a vaccine exemption. Her story can be found in a previous interview, The Crimes of the CPSO – Drs. Trozzi, Phillips, Luchkiw and Phillips posted at on November 28th. At that point in time Dr. Trozzi had not practiced medicine since taking his leave, and still had his license.

Earlier this month, Dr. Trozzi, along with Dr. Chris Shoemaker, stepped in to help at Dr. Luchkiw’s clinic, where her patients had been without medical care for 8 months.

Within 4 hours of seeing his first patient, Dr. Trozzi’s license was suspended by the CPSO, and Dr. Shoemaker is under investigation.

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Trozzi and his lawyer Michael Alexander, reveal the full story – and the tragic death that resulted from the criminal actions of the CPSO.

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The Iron Will Weekly News Report

By Iron Will / December 23, 2022 /

In this week’s report…

  • Climate Change Crazies Attack on Farmers
  • Why the Federal Govt. Loves Pot
  • Guilbeault Electric Car Hypocrisy
  • How to Spot a Terrorist – New Zealand
  • Microsoft’s Real World Minority Report
  • Brian Peckford – Equalization and Reform

And in the member’s version, the above PLUS:

  • Gates’ Cow Fetish
  • Giorgia Meloni’s Scare
  • Vaxxed Blood Kills Baby
  • Bad Movie Sequel – Tam the Grinch
  • Trudeau’s Attack on Life
  • Yet Another Censorship Bill
  • Court Rules Vaxxports OK
  • What is a Woman – Even the Dictionary Doesn’t Know
  • Cambridge Dictionary Redefines Man and Woman
  • People Tired of Politically Correct Christmas

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How To Get Around Government Censorship | Special Report

By Iron Will / November 25, 2022 /

Our government is pushing through censorship bills, such as C-11, in order to restrict your access to information they don’t want you to see. In this instructional video Will shows you how you can get around the coming internet censorship and remain free to access sites and posts they don’t want you watching.





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Setting the Record Straight – The Legal Cases | James Topp

By Iron Will / July 13, 2022 /

Rumours abound. Will and James set the record straight. Was James arrested? Has he received criminal charges? What is the status of his legal battle with the military? Why is James under suspension from the RCMP? LINK: Canada Marches

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That Friday Show | Canada Day Special

By Iron Will / July 1, 2022 /

In this episode of That Friday Show:

• Dictator Watch
• In Interview with Joe Johnson, formerly Canada’s biggest fan of the vaccines
• Take the Shot
• Episode 5 of Trudeau Transit
• Justin’s first report card
• and a special tribute to Great Moments in Canadian History

and as always, Will’s unique take on the news.


The producers of Take the Shot on Youtube

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That Friday Show | June 17th, 2022

By Iron Will / June 17, 2022 /

In this episode of That Friday Show:

  • Episode 4 of Trudeau Transit
  • An Interview with Klaus Schwab
  • Newsbusters with Jenna Verity
  • In the Hood with Jody Ledgerwood
  • The Covid Zone
  • Inside Trudeau’s Head


  • Will Does Standup!


Voice Actor – Newsbusters Theme

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That Friday Show | June 3rd, 2022

By Iron Will / June 3, 2022 /

It’s Season Two of That Friday Show, where the seasons are completely arbitrary and mean nothing whatsoever…

In this episode:

  • Episode 3 of Trudeau Transit
  • A Special Edition of Dictator Watch
  • What Happens in Davos, Doesn’t Stay in Davos
  • A New BastardCharge Commercial
  • Inside Trudeau’s Head
  • Our First Episode of NewsBusters


  • Will’s new Co-Host, Jenna Verity!


Voice Actor – Newsbusters Theme

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Holland, Worse Than Canada But Victories Are Being Won | Willem Engel

By Iron Will / May 31, 2022 /

Willem Engel is at the center of the fight for rights and freedoms in Holland. Their Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, is very similar to Trudeau. He is an agent of the WEF and the violations of people’s rights there are just as bad as they are in Canada. Election fraud, freezing of bank accounts, curfews and censorship. Willem discusses the mandates there as well as several victories in their courts. On the Recent Court Wins in Holland… So, it’s almost exactly the same thing as Canada, because we’re living in a script…now in Holland, I think it was 10 days of quarantine. if you came from a red area, so a high-risk area, even with a negative test, you still had to quarantine and self isolate…all this is unconstitutional…what we see in the verdicts of all the cases that we lose is not that we lose on the arguments is that we lose because the judges don’t want to give a verdict. Then they go to the group of experts, meaning the WHO or the European CDC or the national outbreak management team. On How it isn’t Only our Medical Freedom at Stake… These massive election frauds in Canada, the United States now recently, France, Holland, Switzerland, and Germany, all done by these Dominion voting machines…these problems were already present in 2017. So, we should not think that the election fraud is just COVID. No, it precedes COVID from the election of Trump, 2016. They have been rigging all these elections to put all these people in, these world economic forum puppets. On the 5G Face Behind the Mask…. We have seen so many crazy things. First being called conspiracy theorists and now actually being valid. There’s a few angles to this. So, 5G has already been admitted as part of the fourth industrial revolution, being the infrastructure for the internet of bodies and the internet of things. The internet of things, people understand. Then the internet of bodies…where we suspect that these injections are meant for something else.

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