Proof Fauci Knew the Vaccines Wouldn’t Work
John Leake

By Iron Will / March 31, 2024 /

Safe and effective. We’ve heard the mantra repeatedly in the past few years to the point where it seems even the politicians and bureaucrats are tiring of it.

I have been exposing the lies and corruption surrounding the entire Covid narrative since 2021, but recently something came across my desk that shocked even me. A piece of evidence so damning, it completely reveals just how false the claim of an ‘effective’ Covid vaccine is.

John Leake is the co-author of The Courage to Face Covid 19, which he wrote with Dr. Peter McCullough in 2022. Since then John has been a frequent contributor to Dr. McCullough’s substack, Courageous Discourse.

A journalist and true crime writer, John has exceptional research skills. A few days ago I received an email on a Substack article that John had just published. An article which exposes a November 2022 scientific paper co-authored by Anthony Fauci, wherein the authors admit that the Covid vaccines could not possibly stop infection or transmission of the virus, and that furthermore the science of this has been known for decades.

Anthony Fauci, who had been called America’s Top Doctor, and who was one of a number of prominent people calling for universal vaccination against Covid, admits outright in the paper he co-authored that creating an effective vaccine against respiratory viruses is impossible.


John’s Substack Article:

2022 Paper Co-Authored by Anthony Fauci, titled “Rethinking next-generation vaccines for coronaviruses, influenzaviruses, and other respiratory viruses” :

Other Courageous Discourse Substack articles referenced in this interview:

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Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam
Yasmine Mohammed

By Iron Will / March 27, 2024 /

We think of radical Islam as something that happens in other countries, such as Hamas murdering innocent Israelis, or stories of honor killings of women in countries like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.

We like to believe that these sorts of abuses could never happen in our country.

But the truth is they do happen. Every day.

In Canada today there are Muslim extremists who marry multiple wives under Sharia law, and who treat those wives and their children by them like property. And when those women go to Canadian authorities for help, the vast majority of the time nothing is done because the ‘authorities’ fear being labelled as Islamophobic.

Even our courts have upheld the right of extremists to beat their own children.

Yasmine Mohammed is the author of the book Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam.

Her story is a brutally honest account of her childhood and young life under the extreme abuses of a radical Islamist stepfather, and her forced marriage to an Al-Qaeda terrorist.

And these things didn’t happen in a far away country. They happened right here in Canada. And they are still happening, in fact I would suspect as Canada continues to open its doors to Muslim extremists, they have become everyday occurrences.

I will caution you that Yasmine’s story is extremely disturbing. But I also want you to know that I believe this is one of the most important interviews I have ever done.

Yasmine is trying very hard to help others like her, the abused and ignored victims of radical Islam who have, or are trying, to escape. And by watching and sharing this interview, you can help.

Because it doesn’t matter how many brave victims like Yasmine speak out. Nothing will change until we, the people who have the power to influence our governments, add our voices to hers.


Please donate at Free Hearts, Free Minds:

Yasmine’s Book – Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam:

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80 Years of Betrayal: Canada’s Globalist Connections
Bob Blayone

By Iron Will / March 24, 2024 /

Our elected leaders have been selling us out, and not just in the past few years. Starting almost 80 years ago, our federal and provincial governments have signed on with one globalist organization after another.

From the International Monetary Fund in 1945 to the coming WHO International Health Regulations amendments in May of this year, those we have trusted to work for us have instead steadily signed away our sovereignty.

Not just Liberal governments, but Conservative as well. And you may be surprised by some of the names that appear on the list of politicians who have signed these international agreements that stripped us of our right to self governance.

Bob Blayone is a name most of you have never heard, but he has many years of experience in politics, mostly working behind the scenes to advise and help elect both provincial and national leaders. Until a couple of years ago, when he realized that the strings that put these people in office were all being pulled by the same globalist organizations.

Recently a live document that Bob has been working on came across my desk. In it, Bob details, with links to the proof, almost 30 steps that Canada and the provinces have taken in the past 80 years to be fully on board with the globalist agenda. In fact, it can easily be said that no country has done more to subject their citizens to globalist control.

But Bob also believes that these steps can be reversed. That we can take back our sovereignty. Not through our elected representatives, but at the grassroots.


Bob’s live document (UN, WEF, WHO, Globalist Totalitarian Regime in Canada):

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Freedom from Health Tyranny: The World Council for Health
Tess Lawrie

By Iron Will / March 20, 2024 /

Most of you are aware that the WHO, the World Health Organization, is merely the marketing arm for Big Pharma, and a partner with other globalist organizations such as the WEF in their campaign to establish global control over all of us.

But there is an alternative. Founded in 2020, the World Council for Health is not a political organization in any way. Where the WHO is focused on dictating health policies to its 194 member states, the World Council for Health is entirely an advisory organization, providing absolutely free health advice from some of the top doctors and scientists in the world.

From her home in the UK, I am joined today by Dr. Tess Lawrie, a co-founder of the WCH. Dr. Lawrie is a world class researcher and expert in evidence based scientific analysis.

In fact, Dr. Lawrie is uniquely qualified to discuss the differences between the World Council for Health and the WHO, as she worked for the WHO as a highly respected consultant for almost 10 years, until she voluntarily left in 2021 after it became clear that the WHO had no interest in promoting or protecting health.

In this full free interview, Dr. Lawrie explains how, unlike the WHO, which is now calling itself a ‘health security’ organization, double speak for health tyrants, the WCH is a health sovereignty organization, providing expert advice to people and governments around the world from some of the world’s top doctors and scientists.

Advice that is effective, health focused and that truly has the best interests of the people at heart, rather than serving the profitmongering interests of Big Pharma.


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Their Plan to Rule the World: What You Didn’t Know
Ivor Cummins

By Iron Will / March 17, 2024 /

I have had the honour over the past two years to interview some of the top scientists, doctors and authors in the world. But I also believe that journalists are an untapped resource. Most of us aren’t experts in anything, but because we talk to so many people who are, on such a wide variety of subjects, we are often in the best position to see the big picture.

Ivor Cummins, known online as The Fat Emperor, has been telling the truth since 2018. Back then, his focus was mostly on health issues, however in recent years he, like myself, has been exposing the lies of the globalist agenda, from The Great Taking to immigration, from the attack on the family unit to Covid vaccines.

Ivor joins me today, and in the course of this interview, gives the best plain English summary of the globalist’s plans I have ever heard. Not just what they are doing, but why, and how all of the smaller pieces such as transgenderism, climate alarmism, food insecurity, rampant immigration and much more serve only to support their ultimate goal. To own and control everything.

To paraphrase the now infamous World Economic Forum ad, “You will own nothing, and we will be happy.”


Ivor’s Health-Focused Website:

Ivor on Twitter:

Ivor on Youtube (globalist agenda):

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Poetic Justice: The CPSO Will Face Trial
Dr. Mark Trozzi & Michael Alexander

By Iron Will / March 14, 2024 /

Since the beginning of the Covid plandemic, Colleges of Physician and Surgeons across Canada have suspended or revoked the licences of dozens of doctors for a list of alleged offences. Writing exemptions for both masks and vaccines. Advising their patients not to take the vaccines, or publicly criticizing vaccines at work or on social media.

While these persecutions of doctors have been happening across the country, nowhere has the College abused its power moreso than in Ontario. Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Crystal Luchkiw, Dr. Chris Shoemaker, Dr. Mark Trozzi, Dr. Rochagne Kilian, and the list goes on. Good, conscientious doctors exercising not just their right, but their responsibility to put their patients first.

A few months ago, one of the bravest of our good doctors, Dr. Mark Trozzi chose to stand up to the CPSO, the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons. He went before a tribunal hearing panel of the CPSO, and along with his lawyer Michael Alexander, defended his actions.

The outcome was never in any doubt. The College revoked Dr. Trozzi’s license and charged him $94,000 dollars for the cost of the proceedings.

But Michael had expected that. In fact, he’s been playing a long game with the CPSO since the start of his legal proceedings against them on behalf of Dr. Trozzi.

On Friday, February 23rd, Michael filed an appeal, not with the CPSO, but with the provincial court. And this time, the trial will not be based upon whether or not Dr. Trozzi obeyed the recommendations of the College, but whether the College, in their witch hunt against him, exercised the principals of legal correctness.

As you will discover in this interview with Michael Alexander and Dr. Mark Trozzi, not only did the CPSO not behave in a manner that was legally and procedurally correct, but in many cases they committed blatant violations of law and procedure. And these violations will be revealed in provincial court.

This time, it is not an ethical doctor who is on trial. It is the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

And should the court find that the College did not follow correct legal practices, that decision could well have a ripple effect across the country. A ripple effect that could lead to the reinstatement of countless doctors and nurses, reparations for harms caused to them and their patients, and investigations into the criminal behaviour of the Colleges.


Get more information and Donate to Dr. Trozzi’s defense here:

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The Thought Police are Coming: The Online Harms Bill
John Carpay

By Iron Will / March 12, 2024 /

Our government, as usual, is up to no good.

In 2021 they tabled a bill for an Online Harms Act, which would have made ‘hate speech’ a crime in Canada. And their definition of hate speech was very broad and amounted to saying anything against the government narrative. To make sure of this, the bill called for creating the office of a Digital Safety Commissioner, essentially George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth from the dystopian novel 1984. But the bill didn’t get far. It passed a first reading before the House in November of 2021, then languished due to pushback from the public, rightly concerned that such a bill would be a violation of our Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech.

On February 21st, just a few weeks ago, Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc announced, both verbally, and in writing, that there would be no Digital Safety Commissioner in Canada, and cited petitions from the public directed at the concerns already mentioned.

But then, just 5 days later, Trudeau’s government resurrected the Online Harms Act, Bill C-63, and it passed a first reading before the House on that same day, February 26th. It will soon receive a second reading before the House. Our government seems very determined to push this bill through.

Was Minister LeBlanc’s statement a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing? Possibly, but unlikely. Mr. LeBlanc is the Public Safety Minister. It would be his job to know about things like this. And he chose his words carefully when he announced there would be no Digital Safety Commissioner, because Bill C-63 calls for the formation of a Digital Safety Commission, not a Commissioner.

And the current Bill is even more draconian than the last. Not only would hate speech not be limited to written or spoken statements online, but could possibly include statements made orally, outside the internet. Furthermore, Bill C-63 would allow for complaints of ‘hate speech’ to be made anonymously, another violation of our right to face our accuser. Finally, the Bill would make intending to voice ‘hate speech’ a potential crime as well.

Orwellian, indeed. That’s the thought police.

A few days ago I received a very perceptive and extensive article on Bill C-63, written by John Carpay, the president of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms. John has been defending our constitutional rights for over 15 years.

John joins me in the studio today to detail the threats to our constitutional rights and freedoms posed by this draconian Bill, but perhaps more importantly, what we can do about it.

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Protecting Your Kids: Parents Rights in Canada
James Kitchen

By Iron Will / March 10, 2024 /

If you’ve been watching my weekly news shows, you know I enjoy making fun of the woke. Last fall I showed you a video of a ‘trans king’ insisting that parents don’t have rights. In fact, such videos aren’t hard to find. A quick search on Youtube or X will turn up several of these people, who are either woefully ignorant of the law, or who are knowingly trying to deceive Canadian parents into believing they have no rights where their children are concerned.

I had been willing to ignore the woke insanity as being harmless and amusing, until, just a few weeks ago, NDP MP Randall Garrison stood up in the house of commons and insisted that parents don’t have rights.

But in fact, parents do have rights in Canada. Under several different layers of the law, from provincial Bills of Rights, to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and even under international law such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In addition, there have been a number of landmark cases in Canada in the past 25 years where courts have upheld the rights of parents to make decisions for their children.

I am joined today by constitutional lawyer James Kitchen, who has been fighting for our rights in the courts for years.

James will explain exactly which laws protect the rights of parents in Canada, which laws a number of provincial governments are violating with legislation that silences teachers when kids express a desire to go by a different pronoun, or even to begin the chemical process of transitioning. In addition, James explains how parents can effectively fight for their children and for their rights as parents to see their kids protected from harmful ideologies.

Parents in Canada do indeed have rights. By the time you finish watching this interview, you will know what your rights are, and how to use those rights to protect your children.

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Protecting Your Wealth: Moving Your Assets to the U.S.
Peter Merrick

By Iron Will / March 6, 2024 /

Our current financial system was started about 300 years ago by the ancestors of today’s globalist cabal. The same cabal who understand that the very financial system that has made them obscenely wealthy is a house of cards on the verge of collapse.

Already we have seen major banks fail; dramatically increasing interest rates which are putting many people out of their homes; and captured governments, such as ours, borrowing our country so far into debt that there is no way we can ever get out, while at the same time printing money at record rates, which is causing, and will continue to cause inflation. Inflation which makes living in Canada ever more unaffordable.

The global financial system which has led us here does transactions in fiat currencies, paper money, backed by nothing, that has value only because governments say it does. Similarly, the global economic system is based upon debt, in the form of fractional reserve banking, which allows banks to conjure money out of thin air. Money that is an asset for them, and a liability for us. Money, which we who borrow must pay back, principal and interest in cash.

And the middle class, those of us who own homes, have careers, and perhaps some investments, are the number one target of the globalists. We are educated, and many of us have sufficient resources to hold out for years, even if we lost our jobs. Rampant inflation, rising interest rates and falling house prices are no accident. They are a campaign by our would-be globalist masters to make us all uniformly poor, and thus, subject to their rule.

But as always when it comes to money, those with knowledge may not only survive, but profit.

Peter Merrick is U.S. cross-border insurance and trust specialist who has compiled a list of perfectly legal strategies for protecting your assets by moving them to the U.S., and further protecting them once they are there. Peter, originally from Toronto, has been living in California since 2019, so he has inside knowledge of how both countries handle money and investments.

Peter is the author of 3 books on business and investing. He is considered one of the leading experts in business succession planning, intergenerational wealth transfer, risk management, estate and trusts, philanthropy and demographic aging, cross-border financial planning, and executive benefits and pensions.

He joins me today to educate us all on how the current financial system works, why the collapse of that system is inevitable, and why the globalists need to replace that system with CBDCs and social credit scores, but most importantly, how to protect your assets by transferring them out of the country. And do so perfectly legally while paying an absolute minimum in taxes.

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The World Health Organization is Self-Destructing
James Roguski

By Iron Will / March 3, 2024 /

It’s only been a month since my last interview with James Roguski, who is undoubtedly the world’s top researcher keeping tabs on the World Health Organization, or the WHO. In our last interview, titled WHO Proposed Amendments Null and Void, James revealed how the World Health Organization is violating their own rules in the push to enact the over 300 amendments to the International Health Regulations. For those who recall that interview, the WHO did indeed miss the January 27th deadline to submit the full list of amendments to voting members and are in contravention of their own Article 55.

But that’s only the first crack in their rapidly crumbling façade.

As you are watching this, the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body of the WHO is in closed door meetings in Geneva to discuss the Proposal for Negotiating Text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement, a legal document submitted by some 70 member countries, not to ensure better health care for their citizens, but because those governments want a bigger piece of the Big Pharma pie.

And when they don’t get it, and it looks very much like they won’t, they’ll have no reason to continue to act as distributors for Big Pharma.

And that is hardly the WHO’s only problem.

In this interim update while we wait for the outcome of the World Health Organization’s 77th annual general meeting in April, James exposes the infighting which is threatening to reveal to the world that the WHO is nothing more than the international marketing arm for Big Pharma, part of a global crime syndicate that hides their racketeering behind the thin and very unconvincing veil of protecting people’s health, while earning billions selling drugs that don’t work, to people who don’t need them.

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