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The Ticking Time Bomb in the Shots: Dr. Jessica Rose

Well over two years ago, as it became obvious to many of us that the injections manufactured in the billions by big pharma were not vaccines, but rather a bioweapon, I confess that I believed at the time that it wasn’t a very good bioweapon.

Even now, with the work of Drs. Denis Rancourt and Joseph Hickey showing that to date approximately 17 million people worldwide have died from the vaccines, they still do not appear on the surface to be very effective at achieving the goal of the globalists: to kill, maim and sterilize a large percentage of the human population.

As obscene as it is for any decent person to contemplate killing 17 million people, that is still well less than one percent of the global population. In fact, it’s only one fifth of one percent. From the perspective of the globalists, who may want to kill of as much as 90% of us, this bioweapon of theirs seems ineffective.

Unless, of course, we have not yet seen the full effect.

New evidence keeps coming to light. As virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche said, the vaccines have a million different ways to kill you. Early this year we learned that the shots contain not just RNA, but a substantial amount of DNA. Then we found out about the inclusion of SV40 simian virus protein strands. Recently Dr. Phillip McMillan released data on the fact that the more often a person is reinfected with Covid, the greater the risk of a severe effect on their long term health.

But the latest revelation is the one that concerns me the most. Very recently we learned about something called ribosomal frame shifting, the ability of the shots to corrupt key proteins in the bodies of the injected. Everything, but everything that happens in our bodies is controlled or regulated by proteins.

Dr. Jessica Rose holds a Ph.D. in computational biology, a rare degree. In the past I have interviewed Dr. Rose on the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. But Dr. Rose also holds post-doctoral degrees in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and a Masters degree in Immunology.

She understands the harms caused by the shots, not just on a deep biological level, but also in terms of real numbers, from her statistical analysis of the VAERS system.

She joins me today to give us all a thorough explanation of just exactly what ribosomal frame shifting is, and how it can potentially affect the vaccinated. It is never my intent to engage in fearmongering. I prefer to focus on messages of hope. But it is also my responsibility to bring you the truth.

Dr. Rose, as with all ethical scientists, will freely admit there is a lot we don’t understand yet about how the Covid shots affect the body. It is my genuine hope that the information revealed in this interview is not as grim as I fear. Because if it is, the Covid shots could be a ticking time bomb. One that sooner or later, will go off inside the bodies of everyone who has been injected.


Dr. Rose’s Substack: https://jessicar.substack.com/

Dr. Rose’s article at the Brownstone Institute: Modified Spike mRNA: There Are No ‘Desired Proteins’ https://brownstone.org/articles/modified-spike-mrna-there-are-no-desired-proteins/

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