The Forever Pandemic
Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche holds a Ph.D. in virology. Years ago he worked for several vaccine companies in R&D, and even worked for GAVI, Bill Gates’ so-called vaccine alliance. This was before Dr. Vanden Bossche realized that these organizations had anything but the best interests of the people at heart.

But his past experience and scientific knowledge does give him a unique perspective on the use of vaccines.

In 2021, it was Dr. Vanden Bossche who warned that mass vaccination against Covid would guarantee that the vaccinated would never develop herd immunity.

And in this he has been proven correct. The statistics clearly show that with each new variant, it is the vaccinated who fill the hospitals while the unvaxxed enjoy natural immunity, in most cases even to new variants.

But why? Why are the vaccinated more susceptible to infection? Why is it the bodies of the vaccinated that are continually producing new variants? Why do the vaxxed develop long Covid, and what really is long Covid?

And if the vaccinated will never develop herd immunity, will this ever stop? And if it doesn’t, will the virus eventually mutate into something truly dangerous, at least for the vaccinated?


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IWR News for May 24th
Canada’s Coming Digital Prison: Life Under Digital IDs

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear:

  • Canada’s Coming Digital Prison: Life Under Digital IDs
  • Exclusive: Bird Flu Timeline Revealed
  • Guilbeault Math: 2% Equals 33%
  • Electric Fairies Aren’t Real
  • Deadly Electric Cars
  • Canada’s Standard of Living Worst in 40 Years
  • Trudeau Spends $30 Million on Trans Agenda
  • Canada Fails Education System Report Card
  • Canada’s Dramatic Quality of Life Drop Since Trudeau
  • A Feel Good Story: Canadian Values Aren’t Dead
  • Study Shows Unvaxxed Kids Are Healthier
  • Pfizer Whistle Blower Reveals Efforts to Deceive FDA
  • WHO Director Calls for ‘Total Overhaul’ of Society
  • Dr. Evil Retires
  • WW3: China Will Attack Taiwan
  • Documentary: Gay and Transgender Animals


Second Street Education System Report Card:

Numbeo Quality of Life Index:

Food Banks Canada Poverty Report Card:

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The War for the Minds of Our Children
John Hilton-O’Brien

Our educational system is broken.

Leftist controlled school boards and teacher’s associations have infected our schools with woke ideology. SOGI, or Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Critical Race Theory and DEI, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are all part of a plan to rob our children of their ability to think, while robbing parents of the right to be informed and to make decisions for our children.

How did we get here? What is the long term goal of these leftist ideologues and how do we push back against them.

John Hilton O’Brien is the founder of, an organization established over a decade ago to equip parents, not our government or educational system, to be the decision makers for our children.

John is also extremely well educated in history and politics and understands the steps and the strategies the leftists took to get to a point where in many provinces, parents don’t even have a right to be informed of their children’s decisions.

We are in a war. A war for the minds of our children. The enemy has been infiltrating our society for decades and are now firmly entrenched. But that does not mean they can’t be beaten.

The key to defeating any enemy is to first understand their strategy and tactics. In this interview John educates us all on how the leftists came to control our schools, what they want to achieve with that control, and the grim future for all of us if they succeed.

He also gives us the knowledge we need to take back our schools through one simple principle.

Know thy enemy.


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How to Represent Yourself and Win
Beatrijs Penn

From 2020 until 2022 tens of thousands of Canadians were wrongfully dismissed from their jobs for refusing to take an experimental injection. Most simply do not have the resources to hire a lawyer to fight for the justice and reparation they deserve and many still don’t have those jobs back.

Beatrijs Penn was expelled from her psychotherapy practicum at St. Stephen’s College at the University of Alberta in 2015. While her expulsion had nothing to do with lockdowns or vaccine mandates, it was nonetheless a wrongful dismissal.

After spending 70,000 dollars and six years with a lawyer, and losing, Beatrijs made the decision to appeal. Without a lawyer.

She filed her appeal in 2021. In November of last year, two and half years and only a few thousand dollars in expenses later, Beatrijs won her appeal. The judges ruled that she had indeed been wrongfully dismissed. While the courts have not yet decided upon damages, St. Stephen’s College will almost certainly owe Beatrijs a substantial sum.

Vaccine mandate wrongful dismissals were often made under the accusation of ‘unprofessional conduct’. In this interview, which is very much the manual for how to successfully present yourself in court, you will learn how long you should expect the process to take, what it will cost in both time and money, and perhaps most importantly, the grounds on which you should seek justice.

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What Makes Us Sick: Our Toxic Environment
Dr. Rob Verkerk

In this, Part 2 of my exhaustive interview with multi-disciplinary scientist Dr. Rob Verkerk, Rob and I discuss the broader implications of big pharma interventions, and the widespread acceptance of a narrow viewpoint that focuses entirely on viruses as disease vectors, when in fact they are much more than that.

We as a society are being conditioned to view dirt as dangerous, germs as potential killers, and pharmaceutical interventions and an obsession with cleanliness to the point of sterilization as the only path to protecting ourselves from illness.

Many of you are aware that the extensive use of hand sanitizers likely only creates more virulent microbes, while putting toxic chemicals in our bodies.

But even that is only one small part of the problem.

When we put out naturally occurring forest fires, we prevent soil renewal, the cleaning of organically exhausted detritus from the forest floor, and cause choking out of lower canopy growth as well as creating an ideal environment for parasites. The result is a forest that is so sick, that the next lightning strike ignites a catastrophic fire that we can’t put out, no matter how much manpower and resources we throw at it.

Rob believes we are doing the same to our biosphere. Not in the way that the radical environmentalists and global warming doomsayers believe, but in ways that are far more insidious, and potentially much more catastrophic.

mRNA vaccines that essentially act as retroviruses, rewriting human and animal DNA with results that cannot possibly be predicted. The introduction of toxic chemicals into the soil, destroying biodiversity. Genetically modified food that can wipe out it’s natural ancestor or competitors, upsetting the ecological balance. Electromagnetic radiation that may have a host of detrimental effects on biological organisms, and not just humans. And most recently, CRISPR gene editing technology and AI gene engineering tools in the hands of amateurs who have no idea of what they are playing with.

If we continue on this path, an ecological disaster seems almost certain. Not necessarily one caused by globalist machinations, although that will certainly be a contributing factor. And if it happens, if we see our entire biosphere beginning to crumble, what will it look like, how bad could it be, and how can we prevent it.

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What Makes Us Sick: Terrain vs Germ Theory
Dr. Rob Verkerk

We are subjected to constant propaganda that the next pandemic is inevitable, that sooner or later, probably sooner, there will be a truly devastating virus or bacteria that will kill a significant percentage of us.

But there are those who question whether or not viruses even exist. While belief in the terrain theory, often seen as the alternate view to germ theory, doesn’t necessarily mean that person does not believe in the existence of viruses, there are proponents of the theory who do categorically deny their existence.

As the majority of us are not scientists, not doctors, our own belief is often subject to what we hear. And what we hear is overwhelmingly controlled and funded by those who have a vested financial interest in a belief in germ theory.

In an effort to provide you all with a comprehensive understanding of both sides of the argument, and to do so in such a way that we invite you to draw your own conclusions, I am joined today by Dr. Rob Verkerk, the founder of the Alliance For Natural Health.

Dr. Verkerk is an internationally acclaimed multi-disciplinary sustainability scientist with a 40-year background in environmental, agricultural, food, nutritional and health sciences.

In this, part 1 of this two part extensive interview, Rob explains both sides of the germ theory vs terrain theory argument, while at the same time educating us on the fact that the issue is far more complex than many of us are aware of, or may even have considered.

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Covid Collateral: The Machinery of Mass Manipulation
Vanessa Dylan

Documentaries on Covid and the lockdowns are not new, but many of them are targeted at those who are awake. Those who already understand that the entire plandemic was orchestrated, from the virus itself to the government and media propaganda to censorship and cancelling of experts who attempted to tell the public the truth.

But four years in, very few documentaries are yet being crafted to reach those who are not aware of the facts, but who might be open to hearing the truth, if it’s presented in an even-handed, calm and rational manner.

Vanessa Dylan, a veteran Canadian filmmaker, has done exactly that with her latest documentary, Covid Collateral.

I was privileged to be granted an advanced screening of the film, which will be released on May 9th. As I watched it I was struck by the difference between Vanessa’s work on this documentary and so many others that have been produced in the past few years. While all of them have revealed essential truths, Vanessa’s style is more in line with old-fashioned journalism. It avoids inflammatory statements that could discredit the high profile scientists in the film, such as Dr. Scott Atlas, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Paul Marik, among many others. At the same time, it presents some shocking truths, but in such as way as to be non-threatening to those who may have bought into the narrative.

If you watch my show, then you almost certainly have friends and family who have closed their ears to any Covid-related truth you have tried to tell them. Covid Collateral could very well be the documentary that finally reaches them, that gets them to open their minds and start to question the official narrative.


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Plandemic Tyranny: When the Police Are the Victims
Natasha Gonek

During the lockdowns and the height of the Covid plandemic fearmongering, many of us came to see the police as jackbooted Nazis, enforcing violations of our rights to support a false narrative.

But while there are some bad apples in every basket, many officers were doing their best to defend our rights, in some cases even refusing orders from higher up to arrest or harass citizens for violations.

What we did not know, was the extreme abuse that the officers and other employees of our police services were themselves being subjected to by management.

Coercion to take vaccines against their will. Violations of their medical privacy. Ostracization and persecution in the workplace. And in many cases these abuses went well beyond what people in the private sector were subjected to.

Natasha Gonek is a former investigator for Health Services. Last year she was approached by dozens of employees of the Edmonton Police Service, including many officers, to investigate the Human Rights Abuses and violations of the law that they were subjected to under the auspices of the police department’s Covid Pandemic Response.

Abuses which were, in many cases, not just violations of OH&S policies, but in fact illegal under the criminal code. And the administrators who put the policies in place knew that.

After reviewing some 9,000 pages of Freedom of information documents, Natasha reveals the shocking details of the treatment that Edmonton Police Service officers and support staff were subjected to. Since releasing these documents just a couple of months ago, Natasha has received many calls from officers with other police departments across the country, including the RCMP, telling her that these same abuses and violations of the law, happened in their police services as well.


Both the Executive Summary and the full Final Analysis in PDF format:

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The Ministry of Truth: Globalist Thought Control
Judith Brown

In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, the populace was largely controlled by the Ministry of Truth, which through absolute control of the media, information and education was able to convince the people to blindly accept the government’s narrative.

While Orwell’s novel was inspired by Stalin’s Soviet Union, the irony of the book is that this kind of control has been growing in all countries around the world since before he began writing the book in the late 1940’s.

In fact, throughout history the powerful have sought to control the message because they understood that the easiest way to control people was to have their willing cooperation in their own subjugation. And this could be accomplished if they could control what people believed.

In May of last year, I first interviewed Judith Brown, a retired nurse from the U.K., who about two years ago, began using her considerable research skills to unmask the so-called ‘fact checkers’, to reveal who they really work for and what their role is in controlling the message.

Since then, Judith has launched her own substack, and has expanded her research into the entire information control and propaganda structure, not just in the U.K., but around the world.

In this interview, Judith reveals the interconnected web of the globalist’s Ministry of Truth and their complete control over the narrative; not just what people hear, but what they can say, and even what they are allowed to think.


Judith’s Substack:

Will’s previous interview with Judith on Fact Checkers:

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Natural Health Products: Gone in 18 Months
Shawn Buckley

We may be no more than 18 months from natural health products no longer being available in Canada.

Our government is building a drug model system wherein only Big Pharma companies will be able to bring products to market. Pharmaceuticals which are known to be harmful, or at the very least have side effects, will become the only option.

Bill C-47, passed into law last year, is only one part of this totalitarian structure. The legislative machinery Trudeau’s government is putting into play to prevent us all from taking control of our own health is shockingly extensive. They have essentially declared all out war on natural health products.

Lawyer Shawn Buckley founded the NHPPA, the Natural Health Products Protection Association, in 2008 and he’s been fighting for our right to access and use natural products since then. Shawn joins me in the studio today to explain the drug model, how we got here, what we can expect in the coming 18 months, and most importantly, how we can push back.


Push back against a Fascist regime, a partnership between Big Pharma corporations and our government that is for one purpose and one purpose only. To leave us with no option other than pharmaceuticals, in a system where the massive profits of the companies making them will be protected under Canadian law.

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