About The Iron Will Report

In summer of 2020, Will Dove (Iron Will) launched StrongAndFreeCanada.org, a freedom organization dedicated to protecting Canadians against our government's Covid tyrannies.

As part of his efforts, Will began interviewing experts on all subjects Covid to fight fear with truth.

In spring of 2022, Iron Will Report was launched.

Here, Will continues his fight to bring the truth to Canadians, but moves beyond just Covid tyrannies to a wide range of subjects of interest to small 'c' conservatives and libertarians*. Government spending and corruption, mainstream media propaganda, the transgender movement, critical race theory, global warming and much more.

Satirical Content

Laughter is vital, especially in dark times. Will and his associates bring you regular satirical content. We're the people behind the popular Schizer and Murderna ads, as well as Will's muppet interviews.


Past guests include:

  • Dr. Peter McCullough, world's leading expert on early Covid treatment
  • Dr. Peter Breggin, best-selling author of Covid-19 and the Global Predators
  • Dr. Robert Verkerk, expert on sustainability and many Covid subjects
  • Dr. Bryan Ardis, host of the Dr. Ardis Show
  • Dr. Jane Ruby, expert on the FDA approval process and frequent guest on Stew Peters
  • Kyle Kemper, Justin Trudeau's half brother
  • Dr. Rochagné Kilian, one of the first Canadian doctors to resign in protest of mandatory vaccines
  • Dr. Paul Alexander, world-class epidemiologist and former Trump advisor
  • Brigette Belton, the original organizer of the Freedom Convoy
  • Jody Ledgerwood, a champion of knowing and defending our rights
  • John Carpay, president of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms
  • Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, head of the Austrian freedom movement
  • The Hon. Brian Peckford, sole surviving author of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Jeremy MacKenzie, The Raging Dissident
  • Dr. Pamela Popper, best-selling author of Covid Operation
  • Dr. Scott Jensen, Minnesota senator and champion of patient rights
  • Dr. Julie Ponesse, the ethics professor fired for practicing ethics who now has her own show

...and many, many more

*Libertarian: a person who believes in absolute minimum government and maximum personal rights and responsibilities


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Will Invites You to Join the Iron Legion

Who Is Iron Will?

Will Dove (Iron Will) considers himself an ordinary guy doing his best to fight tyranny in order to protect the health, well-being and freedoms of his fellow Canadians. Will is proud to be Canadian, but he believes in the will of the people, not the government.

A father of two and married to his best friend for 25 years, Will never expected to be either a political activist nor an independent journalist. Will had studied journalism when he was younger, had been a professional web developer for years, and had a list of other skills which lent themselves well to his fight for truth and freedom. He also had the benefit of a stable home life, having an excellent relationship with his very supportive wife and their adult children.

Will is enthusiastically libertarian and believes in absolute minimum government and maximum personal rights and responsibilities. Will conducts interviews with experts and whistle-blowers but those interviews state clearly that the views of the guests do not always reflect Will's views. Will supports capital punishment, micro government, and the abolition of the nanny state. Will believes that critical race theory and transgenderism are a conscious attack upon our youth, and that our educational and health care systems need a ground-up overhaul. And Will believes that most of what we hear from our government and mainstream media is either misleading or an outright lie, including Covid fearmongering, manmade global warming, overpopulation and a long list of other bunk not supported by real science in any way.

In short, Will would have fit in much better in the 1950s than today, but sometimes, you need your very own dinosaur.

Why Iron Will?

Early in the plandemic Will had 'IRON WILL' tattooed on his forearm. While an obvious play on his name, the tattoo is a reminder to Will that we cannot bend to tyrants. Ever.

With the constant reminder on his inner forearm, where he sees it every time he reads a book, works at his computer, or even when he sits down to eat, IRON WILL reminds him that we who are able to defend ourselves also have a responsibility to defend those who can't.

This is the true purpose of strength.

Will has had many experiences in his life which have made him resilient. From stage 4 cancer to the many smaller fights he has taken on over the years against petty tyrants who seek to exploit others for their own gain.

Will's counterpart at Take Action Canada, Ryan Penn, is fond of asking new volunteers what their superpower is. If asked, Will responds with this: just like Bruce Banner in the Avengers movies, "I'm always angry".

And we should be. There is such a thing as righteous anger, and the global tyrants who are trying to steal the rights and freedoms of innocent people around the world are at the top of Will's list of those who deserve to have that anger directed at them. Will uses this anger as an engine. He works long hours in the fight for our freedoms. Whenever he gets tired or discouraged (yes, he's human too) he just reminds himself of the criminal actions of these tyrants, lets the leash on his anger out a little, and keeps fighting.