The WHO Amendments: Back from the Dead
James Roguski

A week ago people around the world were celebrating a great victory. The WHO amendments to the International Health Regulations had not passed. The globalist mechanism for totalitarian control had been defeated.

Except not.

Late, very late, on the last day of the 77th World Health Assembly, Saturday, June 1st, the amendments were ratified.

And it doesn’t matter that the vote was likely illegal, that they did not have two thirds of the members in attendance, any more than it matters that the WHO ignored their own rules in even voting on the amendments, as under Article 55 they were supposed to provide the full text of the amendments to the member countries on January 27th, four months ago. The full text was not provided until a few hours before the vote.

James Roguski is undoubtedly the world’s leading expert on the WHO Treaty and amendments.

In this interview, James clarifies many misconceptions.

Such as the erroneous idea that the amendments will give WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus the authority not only to declare a pandemic, but to dictate health measures such as lockdowns and mandatory vaccines to member countries. Such a clause was never in the amendments.

Are the WHO amendments and the international treaty, which was not ratified, a globalist control mechanism after all? Or are they simply the business plan of very wealthy people who want to use fearmongering, gain of function research, and the WHO’s authority to declare a pandemic as tools to further enrich themselves.

And if it’s the latter, how concerned about the amendments should we be?

The answer, as you will learn in this interview, is that we should be very concerned. But we are not without the tools to fight back. However, any successful campaign requires a full understanding of the enemy’s battle plan.

This interview is nothing less than the battle plan of the globalists revealed.


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Past Interviews

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The Invasion of Canada: Paul Fromm

Our country is under attack on all fronts, but especially in two areas. Freedom of speech, and the diluting of our culture through Trudeau’s immigration policies.

Those of us who publicly object to the attacks upon our rights or the giving away of our country are often accused of hate speech. We’re racists and white supremacists.

Paul Fromm is one of these. Every Wikipedia article and a number of mainstream media reports on Paul accuse him of being a neo-Nazi white supremacist.

The truth is of course quite the opposite.

Paul is the founder of a number of organizations whose purpose is to defend our rights and preserve our culture. His regular newsletters are well thought out, perceptive arguments on such topics as freedom of speech, the real purpose of the Israel Hamas conflict, the attack upon Christianity, Trudeau’s green agenda and the Great Takeover, the giving away of our country through rampant immigration.

Paul is perhaps, if anything, the embodiment of what it is to be Canadian. Polite, soft spoken and rational. A person who knows who he is, what he believes and most importantly, why he believes it.

To paraphrase Paul, he’s not anti anything. He’s pro Canada.


To subscribe to the Free Speech Monitor or the Canadian Immigration Hotline, to get samples or a booklist, write:

P.O. BOX 332

Canadian Association for Free Expression:

Canada First Immigration Reform Committee:

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Taking Back Our Country: The Manual | David Parker

Canada has been one of the most controlled countries in the world in recent years. Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum has openly bragged about controlling over half of Trudeau’s Liberal cabinet. From appearances, he may be telling the truth. Canada is an occupied country, controlled by globalists with the willing cooperation of elected traitors.

But Canadians are fighting back, and nowhere is that more evident than in Alberta.

Alberta remains the only province to declare the vaccine mandates illegal, and to have the current government pay for an investigation of the previous government’s Covid response. The only province to force the premier responsible for the Covid mandates to resign, and to replace him with a premier who is working for the people.

None of this is by accident.

In 2021, David Parker launched Take Back Alberta. Using his long experience in politics, David inspired the people to get active. To show up in record numbers to influence party decisions. To vote out a bad premier and replace him with a much better one. And at the last Annual General Meeting, to propose numerous amendments to Alberta law to protect the rights of the people in the future. Amendments which premier Danielle Smith’s government is taking seriously. We can expect at least some of them to be passed into law.

This interview is the manual on how to do in your province what David Parker and Take Back Alberta have achieved in Canada’s freest province.

David will tell you it’s a lot of hard work and sacrifice. But he will also show you that one person can not only make a difference, but a difference so profound it can change an entire province.


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In Defense of Freedom: The JCCF, Part 2 of 4 | Marty Moore

The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms provides pro bono lawyers to Canadians whose constitutional rights have been violated. The JCCF is a registered charity founded over a decade ago by John Carpay, who still serves as the organization’s President. Their work is supported entirely by donations.

Since the start of the Covid plandemic, JCCF lawyers have worked tirelessly to represent those who lost their jobs and businesses, to defend everyday Canadians who received fines or prison sentences for defying mandates, and have partnered with my own organization, Strong And Free Canada, to bring Canadians the truth in the form of brochures, demonstrations and podcasts.

In this, the second of a four part series on the legal actions being taken by the JCCF on behalf of their clients, I am joined in the studio by Justice Centre lawyer Marty Moore, who has been with the JCCF for over ten years and who oversees all of their cases. In today’s interview Marty gives us details on a number of live cases including fighting for the rights of health care workers, Christian churches and Canadians denied EI after being fired for refusing the Covid shots.

The JCCF is the largest of the legal organizations in Canada fighting for our rights in the courts. Currently they employ 9 full time lawyers and 4 paralegals and are representing or have represented, Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, organizers of the Freedom Convoy, and the Honorable Brian Peckford, who served as the third premier of Newfoundland and is the sole surviving author of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

While many cases have been lost due to judges who are ignoring our Charter rights, many cases have also been won. Despite corruption and courts which have refused to look at relevant evidence, Marty and his fellow JCCF lawyers continue to fight for our rights.

Like myself, Marty doesn’t pick fights he can’t win. He remains confident that in time these cases will be won, that courts will decide in favor of the constitutional rights of Canadians, and that restitution will be made for those whose lives and livelihoods have been violated by our corrupt governments.

LINK: Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms –

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The Ticking Time Bomb in the Shots: Dr. Jessica Rose

Well over two years ago, as it became obvious to many of us that the injections manufactured in the billions by big pharma were not vaccines, but rather a bioweapon, I confess that I believed at the time that it wasn’t a very good bioweapon.

Even now, with the work of Drs. Denis Rancourt and Joseph Hickey showing that to date approximately 17 million people worldwide have died from the vaccines, they still do not appear on the surface to be very effective at achieving the goal of the globalists: to kill, maim and sterilize a large percentage of the human population.

As obscene as it is for any decent person to contemplate killing 17 million people, that is still well less than one percent of the global population. In fact, it’s only one fifth of one percent. From the perspective of the globalists, who may want to kill of as much as 90% of us, this bioweapon of theirs seems ineffective.

Unless, of course, we have not yet seen the full effect.

New evidence keeps coming to light. As virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche said, the vaccines have a million different ways to kill you. Early this year we learned that the shots contain not just RNA, but a substantial amount of DNA. Then we found out about the inclusion of SV40 simian virus protein strands. Recently Dr. Phillip McMillan released data on the fact that the more often a person is reinfected with Covid, the greater the risk of a severe effect on their long term health.

But the latest revelation is the one that concerns me the most. Very recently we learned about something called ribosomal frame shifting, the ability of the shots to corrupt key proteins in the bodies of the injected. Everything, but everything that happens in our bodies is controlled or regulated by proteins.

Dr. Jessica Rose holds a Ph.D. in computational biology, a rare degree. In the past I have interviewed Dr. Rose on the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. But Dr. Rose also holds post-doctoral degrees in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and a Masters degree in Immunology.

She understands the harms caused by the shots, not just on a deep biological level, but also in terms of real numbers, from her statistical analysis of the VAERS system.

She joins me today to give us all a thorough explanation of just exactly what ribosomal frame shifting is, and how it can potentially affect the vaccinated. It is never my intent to engage in fearmongering. I prefer to focus on messages of hope. But it is also my responsibility to bring you the truth.

Dr. Rose, as with all ethical scientists, will freely admit there is a lot we don’t understand yet about how the Covid shots affect the body. It is my genuine hope that the information revealed in this interview is not as grim as I fear. Because if it is, the Covid shots could be a ticking time bomb. One that sooner or later, will go off inside the bodies of everyone who has been injected.


Dr. Rose’s Substack:

Dr. Rose’s article at the Brownstone Institute: Modified Spike mRNA: There Are No ‘Desired Proteins’

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What’s Wrong with Men in Women’s Sports?: April Hutchinson

Women’s sports in Canada are under attack. Men are being allowed to compete against women simply because they identify as women. There is no sport where the unfairness of this is more amply demonstrated than in powerlifting.

I have no patience with the woke. They can identify any way they wish, but that doesn’t mean I have to play along. My answer to Matt Walsh’s documentary question, What is a Woman, is simply an adult human with two x chromosomes. Similarly, a man is an adult human with an x and y chromosome.

Recently the Canadian Powerlifting Union decided that anyone who identifies as a woman can compete in women’s powerlifting. And a gender confused man who calls himself Anne Andres has done just that, shattering women’s records.

April Hutchinson is a record setting Canadian powerlifter. April is a woman. She holds the North American record for women’s deadlift, and often places first at powerlifting competitions. Or at least, she did, until the CPU allowed Anne Andres to compete. Many female athletes said nothing, knowing they would suffer consequences if they did. But April had the courage to speak up in defense of the integrity of her sport. For this, the CPU banned her from competition for two years. While April’s lawyer is appealing, we have no guarantee that sanity will return any time soon.

In this interview, April not only tells her story but April and I reveal the extreme degree of unfairness in allowing men to compete against women. If you’ve been watching my interviews for any length of time you know I’m something of a fitness nut. I’ve been lifting weights for 42 years. I’m not a powerlifter. I’ve never been a competitive athlete of any kind, but years spent in gyms has equipped me to understand just how much stronger than women men are.

After over 350 interviews, I can tell you that no subject has made me angrier than this. So angry, that I forgot to turn on two of my cameras. The wide angle view of my studio you’ve become used to recently is missing. We have only the zoom feed but that in no way lessens the truth you are about to hear.

The Canadian Powerlifting Union completely understands what they are doing. Actively working to destroy women’s powerlifting in Canada.

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The Making of a Bioweapon: Dr. Mark Trozzi

Almost four years after the start of the plandemic, it is now an open secret that the Covid vaccines are in fact a bioweapon, despite governments and media continuing the ‘safe and effective’ narrative. Almost daily, new data comes forward proving that they are anything but.

Recently a whistle blower in New Zealand released the government’s secret data showing the undeniable link between deaths and the jabs, to the extent that some batches have a death rate 20x higher than the general population. Recent data from the UK government shows that the vaccinated there now account for 96% of all deaths, across all age groups, despite only 70% of the population being vaccinated.

And the truth continues to come out. DNA in the shots discovered earlier this year by Dr. Kevin McKernan has since been verified by several other highly qualified researchers. SV40, a strand of the simian virus, metal contaminants, and very recently a protein very similar to spider silk that may be the cause of the highly unusual and never seen before blood clots found in the veins of those killed by the vaccines.

There is hope, though. Effective treatments have been found for spike protein toxicity and researchers around the world are working at reverse engineering the vaccines to understand their full effect upon the body and to find ever more effective treatments to at least reduce the damage.

Dr. Mark Trozzi has been fighting the war for truth since 2021, at the cost of his career and the probability of financial ruin at the hands of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

In this interview, Mark brings us an update on all the recent discoveries about the vaccines and what each discovery means in terms of effects upon the body, but also his optimism that effective treatments for those who were coerced and deceived into taking the vaccines will continue to be found.


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Canada’s Original Freedom Fighter: Adam Skelly

Lockdowns, which began in 2020, destroyed tens of thousands of small businesses across Canada. Adam Skelly, the owner of Adamson BBQ, a chain of 3 very popular barbeque restaurants in the Toronto area became an inspiration to countless Canadians when, in November of 2020 he defied the second round of lockdowns and kept his business open.

He was arrested, and his business closed and locked by police. His equipment was auctioned off. He spent two days in prison until he agreed not to post any information on his arrest on social media. In short, the government silenced him and put him out of business.

To this day, though, Adam is still fighting not just for his rights, but for ours. His first case was dismissed by the court in 2022, after the government tried very hard to keep the case out of the public eye and Adam’s lawyers burned through almost 300,000 dollars for what ultimately proved to be incompetent actions. He is now suing the lawyers, although at least one has fled the country.

Adam has now filed a second case against the Government of Ontario. A case which will aim to prove that the government’s actions were unconstitutional. A number of experts are prepared to testify, including Dr. Harvey Risch and Dr. Byram Bridle.

But there is also a lawsuit against Adam by the City of Toronto. They want to charge him 187,000 dollars for police services for the 253 police officers they claim were needed to close his restaurant and maintain order. And they are trying to use that as leverage to once again silence him. The Crown claims that Adam’s constitutional challenge is frivolous, and so are demanding he pay $32,000 in advance in case he loses. Despite the fact that his court date is scheduled for October of 2024, he’s been given until January 20th to come up with the money.

If Adam wins his case next October he’s been assured that the charges against him, including the 187,000 dollars will be dropped. If however, he loses the case, or fails to come up with the $32,000 dollars they will proceed with the City of Toronto case against him.

Adam doesn’t have to do pursue his case against the Ontario government. He has since moved on with his life, even moving away from Ontario. But he continues to believe that our rights must be respected, that freedom is not free, and that all that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.



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Holding Our Government Accountable: Preston Manning

There has been a great deal of attention paid recently to the completion of the National Citizens Inquiry. A panel of four commissioners who heard testimony from 305 witnesses, 94 of them expert witnesses. Their 5,000 page plus report made thousands of recommendations that could prevent the violations of Canadians’ rights from happening again.

But there is a problem with the NCI. It is a public inquiry, conducted by members of the public and as such carries no weight with the government. As testimony to this, 63 government witnesses were invited to testify. None of them did.

Meanwhile, in Alberta, where the Court of King’s Bench earlier this year ruled the Covid mandates to be illegal, Premier Danielle Smith commissioned an expert panel to review the actions of the previous government. Actions which, as in all provinces in Canada, resulted in devastating harms to the people and to the economy.

Premier Smith commissioned this panel in January, shortly after replacing former premier Jason Kenney, whose government was responsible for these actions.

Preston Manning, the founder of the Reform Party, former leader of the federal opposition, and of course an experienced legislator, served as Chairman.

In this interview, Preston reveals what was found by the panel, and gives us details on some of the more significant of the 20 areas of recommendations which they have made to the Alberta government for amendments to Alberta law which would prevent the government from trampling on the rights of Albertans, should another health emergency, real or not, occur.

The panel’s recommendations are significant, in that they would take away from appointed officials, such as the Public Health Officer, the right to mandate actions for the people. Appointed officials are not accountable to the public, and as has been seen across Canada, this allows them to violate our rights with relative impunity. The panels recommendations would place that power with elected officials, who are subject to accountability to the people who elected them.

LINK: Public Health Emergencies Governance Review Panel final report

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Of the People, By the People, For the People: Adrienne Richards and Joseph Enslow

For many of us, conversations with our like minded friends and family are often dominated by provincial and federal politics, but the fact is that many of the government decisions which impact our lives are made at the local level.

In addition, globalist organizations and special interest groups are working constantly to influence local council decisions.

Over a year ago, Adrienne and Joseph founded the Citizen’s Oversight & Accountability Project, or COAP, in the Cowichan Valley on B.C.’s Vancouver Island. They hold town hall meetings to hear from residents, and then take those ideas to the local councils. They read the many letters that councils receive from outside organizations that are efforts to influence policy, and where needed, point out to council members the ways in which those policies would be detrimental to their communities. They produce informative videos, bring in guest speakers to their town hall meetings to educate the populace, and publish a local conservative newspaper.

In addition, COAP functions as a community support group, bringing together the members of the community in ways that are more reminiscent of 1950’s Canada than today’s social media driven society.

This interview, which is being released free in its entirety, is a guide for the rest of us on how to do what Adrienne and Joe have done. To bring effective representation to your local councils, to educate not only the people but the elected representatives, and to unite residents into real communities.

Real communities where there is true representation, where, to quote Abraham Lincoln, there is government of the people, by the people, for the people.


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