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60,000 Dead: MAiD in Canada
Alex Schadenberg

MAiD in Canada. It used to refer to quality products, but now Canada is known around the world as the leader in Medical Assistance in Dying, or Suicide by Doctor.

While our health care system is collapsing due to mismanagement and underfunding, mandates which fired thousands of front line health care workers, many of whom still have not been rehired, and doctors leaving for the U.S. or retiring early because they refuse to participate in the transgender attack upon our children, or to provide MAiD to their patients, Trudeau’s government is spending uncounted millions to build MAiD centers across the country and to actively promote suicide by doctor.

Currently in all provinces in Canada, patients with severe health care issues, or those nearing the end of life are repeatedly given the ‘option’ for MAiD. And there are horror stories of people mourning the loss of loved ones who were essentially coerced into doctor assisted suicide.

In addition, the procedure is misrepresented, and is not necessarily the peaceful death it is claimed to be.

Alex Schadenberg, the Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, has been tracking MAiD data in Canada and coordinating resistance to these laws for years. The EPC is the best source in the country for accurate information on MAiD.

Alex estimates, from government figures, that since MAiD was legalized under Trudeau in 2016, over 60,000 Canadians have now been killed in our hospitals and assisted suicide centers, making Canada the world leader for this procedure. And many of the victims are not demonstrably facing an inevitable death in the foreseeable future.

MAiD psychosis is permeating our country. Visitors to food banks are inquiring about MAiD because it’s too hard to be poor. And our government wants, as of February 27th, to make MAiD an option for those suffering from mental health issues. While there is resistance to that in the form of Bill C-62 which would delay this until 2027, the success of that Bill is by no means certain.

And if our federal government passes legislation in just a few days that will legalize MAiD for the mentally ill, their next step will be going after our children in the form of new legislation that would make MAiD available to ‘mature minors’, without parental consent.

There is no legal definition of mature minor, and it is feared that children as young as 12 could opt to have a doctor kill them, and the parents would have no say. No way to prevent the tragic loss of their child, murdered by our government.

LINK: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (https://epcc.ca/)

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