The WHO Amendments: Back from the Dead
James Roguski

A week ago people around the world were celebrating a great victory. The WHO amendments to the International Health Regulations had not passed. The globalist mechanism for totalitarian control had been defeated.

Except not.

Late, very late, on the last day of the 77th World Health Assembly, Saturday, June 1st, the amendments were ratified.

And it doesn’t matter that the vote was likely illegal, that they did not have two thirds of the members in attendance, any more than it matters that the WHO ignored their own rules in even voting on the amendments, as under Article 55 they were supposed to provide the full text of the amendments to the member countries on January 27th, four months ago. The full text was not provided until a few hours before the vote.

James Roguski is undoubtedly the world’s leading expert on the WHO Treaty and amendments.

In this interview, James clarifies many misconceptions.

Such as the erroneous idea that the amendments will give WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus the authority not only to declare a pandemic, but to dictate health measures such as lockdowns and mandatory vaccines to member countries. Such a clause was never in the amendments.

Are the WHO amendments and the international treaty, which was not ratified, a globalist control mechanism after all? Or are they simply the business plan of very wealthy people who want to use fearmongering, gain of function research, and the WHO’s authority to declare a pandemic as tools to further enrich themselves.

And if it’s the latter, how concerned about the amendments should we be?

The answer, as you will learn in this interview, is that we should be very concerned. But we are not without the tools to fight back. However, any successful campaign requires a full understanding of the enemy’s battle plan.

This interview is nothing less than the battle plan of the globalists revealed.


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Past Interviews

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Cutting Off the Head of the Snake: Pascal Najadi

Organizations such as the WEF, the WHO, Gavi, Bill Gates’ vaccine alliance, and Big Pharma companies are all part of the globalist cabal. The head offices of these organizations are mostly in Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland is also where the WEF hosts its annual meetings.


Because the Swiss government has granted these organizations diplomatic immunity, which means they can plan and execute their crimes against humanity without fear of their leadership being arrested. Or at least, that is what they believe.

Pascal Najadi is the son of Hussein Najadi, who in 1971 co-founded with Klaus Schwab the organization that would become the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1984 Hussein left after he became aware of Klaus Schwab’s true agenda. He was subsequently assassinated in 2013.

His son Pascal is a victim of the globalist bioweapons marketed as vaccines. After 3 Pfizer shots, he is dying of an autoimmune disease. Pascal, an investment banker like his father, has filed criminal charges against Alain Berset, the current president of Switzerland for his part in the crime of pushing these bioweapons on the people. Pascal has also filed charges against the doctors who injected him for failing to provide information on the possible side effects.

In addition, Pascal Najadi, along with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, is featured in the short documentary Cutting Off the Head of Snake, which has now received over 600 million views since it’s release in October. Najadi and Stuckelberger are calling on the Swiss government to revoke the diplomatic immunity of these organizations so they can be held accountable for their crimes.


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How Many Have the Vaccines Killed?: Dr. Joseph Hickey

Quite some time ago a paper was published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, which claimed that the Covid vaccines had saved millions of lives. The paper was widely quoted as justification for vaccine mandates and endless boosters.

But the study was wrong. The researchers manipulated and misrepresented the data to get the result they had been paid by their big pharma sponsors to find.

Fortunately, we have right here in Canada two exceptional researchers of our own. Dr. Joseph Hickey and Dr. Denis Rancourt. It was they and their team who proved, based upon all cause mortality data from around the world that Covid 19 did not in and of itself, result in any extra deaths. Covid did not kill anyone who wasn’t going to die anyway. You can find my previous interview with Dr. Rancourt on that subject at

Now Drs. Rancourt and Hickey have analyzed the data from the Lancet study, and their findings do not just soundly debunk the claim of millions of lives saved from the vaccines, but give us the first reliable estimates of the obscene number of people worldwide who have died from those same vaccines.

In this interview I am joined by Dr. Hickey, who shows us the methodology used and the resulting charts from their research. You may find Joseph’s style of presentation to be somewhat dry. But I would urge you to take the time to not only watch this interview, but pay close attention to the science presented, which is understandable for most of us.

It is important to see the degree to which data has been blatantly manipulated in order to support the Covid narrative, and to understand the analyses of Drs. Hickey and Rancourt, which shows that the Lancet study wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t sloppy research. It was an outright lie.

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The Woke Indoctrination of Canadian Lawyers: Roger Song

You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

In 1949 China fell to communism, and their promise to the workers was much the same. Farmers were granted land to work with a promise that all their needs would be met by the government, as long as they did as they were told.

Roger Song was born two years before the Maoist cultural revolution in 1966. One of two children, he remembers that he and his family lived on 20 eggs a month, two kilos of meat, rice and a few vegetables. All provided by the government under a social credit score system.

Roger immigrated to Canada twenty three years ago. He has been practicing law here since 2008. Roger is suing the Alberta Law Society over their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion agenda, which has been codified by the society under section 67.4 of their mandate. Section 67.4 allows the society not only to dictate that lawyers complete continuing education requirements, but what exactly those requirements are. This year’s course, titled The Path, is a five hour indoctrination video on indigenous culture. Failure to complete the course, which has everything to do with woke politics, and nothing to do with practicing law, will result in suspension of a lawyer’s license.

Roger remembers being subjected to indoctrination growing up in China. The government told people what to believe, where they could go, what they could eat, and above all, what they could and could not say.

In this interview, Roger Song reveals the startling parallels between the woke movement in Canada that is infecting our schools, our colleges and of course the internet, with Chinese Maoism. A system that promised you would own nothing, and you would be happy.

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Hope for the Vaxxed: Dr. Peter McCullough

Vaccine injuries are rampant. From recent studies which show that everyone, everyone, who has taken a Covid vaccine has suffered at least some heart damage, to those who are now unable to work, the tens of millions of doses that have been administered in Canada have caused immeasurable harm.

What is worse, is that we still don’t know if the body can heal itself. If mitochondrial DNA which has been reprogrammed by the DNA in the shots, will ever stop manufacturing toxic spike proteins.

While scientists around the world continue to research to find ways to reverse the damage, there are, right now, effective treatments for the vaccine injured.

Dr. Peter McCullough may very well be the best known name in this area. From the creation of the McCullough Protocol, an effective early treatment for Covid that has saved countless people, to his association with The Wellness Company, Dr. McCullough has worked tirelessly to help those either at risk from Covid, or who have been injured by the vaccines.

He joins me today with a list of effective, affordable treatments that are available now, without a prescription.

If you or someone you know has been vaccine injured, or if you are often exposed to the vaccinated and are concerned about shedding, this is a must watch interview. It is for this reason that this interview is being released free in its entirety.

With such a well known guest, I could have put most of this interview behind a paywall and used it to drive more memberships at Iron Will Memberships, the purpose of which is not to enrich myself, but to finance our efforts at our freedom organization, Strong and Free

But my wife and I founded Strong And Free Canada to help our fellow Canadians recover and defend their rights and freedoms and to help people who have been harmed by our government’s draconian mandates.

And so, all I will ask with this interview with Dr. McCullough is that you share it widely. In so doing, you will help us to help others.

The Wellness Company:
Use Code StrongAndFree to get 10% off

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Healthy Home, Healthy Office: Patrik Pavlica

The globalists are doing everything they can to poison our environment. From manufactured foods to Covid injections, from 5G to chemtrails, even the very air we breathe is becoming increasingly toxic.

During the plandemic, hospitals spent millions on new air purification systems and positive pressure operating rooms. But there was a simpler, easier and much cheaper way.

FN Nano produces a revolutionary coating which can simply be painted on the ceilings of your home or office, and which will instantly destroy any organic molecule that comes in contact with it, while remaining completely safe to touch.

And the company backs up their claims with before and after air quality testing.

I am joined in the studio today by Patrik Pavlica, a representative of FN Nano who explains how the product works, as well as the cost and benefits. And remember those hospitals that spent millions on air purification? Patrik also tells us what happened when he approached every single hospital and health clinic in Canada with an offer to use this coating.

Finally, during the interview, Patrik conducts a test of the air quality in my studio, with some alarming results.


FN Nano Website:

Here is the video which explains how our nano technology works:

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Un-Woking the Law, The JCCF Part 1 of 4: Glenn Blackett

The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms provides pro bono lawyers to Canadians whose constitutional rights have been violated. The JCCF is a registered charity founded over a decade ago by John Carpay, who still serves as the organization’s President. Their work is supported entirely by donations.

Since the start of the Covid plandemic, JCCF lawyers have worked tirelessly to represent those who lost their jobs and businesses, to defend everyday Canadians who received fines or prison sentences for defying mandates, and have partnered with my own organization, Strong And Free Canada, to bring Canadians the truth in the form of brochures, demonstrations and podcasts.

In this, the first of a four part series on the legal actions being taken by the JCCF on behalf of their clients, I am joined in the studio by JCCF lawyer Glenn Blackett, who is currently representing Dr. Frances Widdowson in her suit against the University of Lethbridge for cancelling a talk she had been scheduled to give, and fellow lawyer Roger Song, who is suing the Law Society of Alberta over their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion agenda, which they are attempting to force upon lawyers.

The JCCF is the largest of the legal organizations in Canada fighting for our rights in the courts. Currently they employ 9 full time lawyers and 4 paralegals and are representing or have represented, Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, organizers of the Freedom Convoy, and the Honorable Brian Peckford, who served as the third premier of Newfoundland and is the sole surviving author of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

While many cases have been lost due to judges who are ignoring our Charter rights, many cases have also been won. When judgement day comes for the corrupt politicians and unelected tyrannical officials who have trodden on our constitutional rights, it will be JCCF lawyers who will see to it that justice is served.

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The Persecution of Dr. Mark Trozzi…Continued: Mark Trozzi and Michael Alexander

Dr. Mark Trozzi gave up a 25 year practice as an emergency surgeon in 2021 to bring people the truth about Covid and the vaccines at his website He sold his house and has lost everything in this fight, and now the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons is threatening to take away his medical license.

Dr. Trozzi was one of the doctors who stepped up to help when Dr. Crystal Luchkiw had her license suspended by the CPSO for telling her patients the truth, and cautioning them not to take the Covid vaccines. Within hours of stepping into Dr. Luchkiw’s practice, Dr. Trozzi’s license was also suspended.

This interview is an update on past interviews I have done with Dr. Trozzi, and his lawyer Michael Alexander, who also represented Dr. Luchkiw and Dr. Patrick Phillips, both of whom have since had their licences revoked.

Michael is a smart and realistic lawyer. He understands what he is up against, a medical college that has no interest in protecting the health of the people of Ontario, but rather in maintaining a dictatorial power structure where all doctors must follow their directives or lose their license to practice.

But Michael is laying a clever trap for the CPSO, and in the end, there will be justice.


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The Big Picture: Life Inside the Control Grid | Todd Michael Harris and Amanda Forbes

Todd Michael Harris is best known for his excellent documentary, Uninformed Consent. Now Todd has produced a new documentary, The Big Picture: Life Inside the Control Grid. This is not just another documentary on Covid, but rather a comprehensive six part series on the entire globalist control agenda.

Todd created the documentary after being approached with the idea by Amanda Forbes, the Canadian president of Children’s Health Defense, who herself has a vaccine injured child, not from the Covid vaccines, but from the childhood vaccination schedule.

The documentary features many of the big players from the freedom and truth movement, Robert Kennedy Jr., presidential candidate and founder of Children’s Health Defense, Catherine Austin Fitts, who perhaps understands the globalist’s financial agenda better than anyone, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Pierre Kory, co founder of the Front Line Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance, Dr. Ryan Cole, and Canadian doctors Stephen Malthouse and Byram Bridle and ethics professor Dr. Julie Ponesse, among many others.

It also tells the true story of David and Collet Stephan, who lost their infant son to medical malpractice and who spent years in court defending themselves against false charges of failing to provide medical necessities to their child, Ezekiel. To this day Health Canada is still claiming that Ezekiel died of meningitis, despite the fact that two different Canadian courts found that not to be true.

In this documentary, Todd and Amanda reveal what is truly The Big Picture, a high level overview of the globalist agenda, and how we can fight against it and reclaim our rights, our freedoms and our country.

Stay tuned at the end of this full free interview for a short excerpt from the documentary, The Big Picture: Life Inside the Control Grid.

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Profiting in the Coming Economic Collapse, Part 3

In parts one and two of this three part series on protecting your wealth, our panel of financial experts have shown you the indisputable warning signs that we are on the verge of the largest economic collapse in modern history.

But all of that would do you little good if they didn’t also tell you what to do about it.

Adrian Spitters is an author, holistic wealth advisor, and president of Performance Financial Consultants. Adrian accurately predicted the dot com crash and the 2008 housing and stock market bubbles and protected his clients from them. Bryce Wade is a marketing and business consultant who focuses on the big picture, following world news and economic developments. Warren Keane is Vice President of Sales for New World Precious Metals, a Canadian company that offers wholesale prices and consulting on investing in precious metals.

In this, part three of three, Adrian, Bryce and Warren explain why you must get out of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and residential real estate, and where to invest your money to see it grow while everything else is crashing. And this advice is not just for the wealthy. If you own a home or have a retirement savings plan, there are options that you can access to protect that wealth and come out the other end of the financial storm with your wealth, your family and your freedom intact.


New World Precious Metals


Contact Adrian Spitters, Financial Consultant:

Email Adrian
Phone: 604•613•1693
Web: Adrian Spitters

Here is a link to Adrian’s brochure that explains his wealth advisory business in more detail. He works with a team of advisors to deliver holistic wealth advisory services. He is probably one of only a few advisors who can provide Holistic wealth advisory services that are also awake to the globalist agenda.

For anyone interested in downloading a free copy of Adrian’s book “Who’s Investing Your Money,” here is a link to the brochure

Who’s Investing Your Money? is available as a free PDF download at or for purchase on as a paperback or Kindle at

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