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The Big Picture: Life Inside the Control Grid | Todd Michael Harris and Amanda Forbes

Todd Michael Harris is best known for his excellent documentary, Uninformed Consent. Now Todd has produced a new documentary, The Big Picture: Life Inside the Control Grid. This is not just another documentary on Covid, but rather a comprehensive six part series on the entire globalist control agenda.

Todd created the documentary after being approached with the idea by Amanda Forbes, the Canadian president of Children’s Health Defense, who herself has a vaccine injured child, not from the Covid vaccines, but from the childhood vaccination schedule.

The documentary features many of the big players from the freedom and truth movement, Robert Kennedy Jr., presidential candidate and founder of Children’s Health Defense, Catherine Austin Fitts, who perhaps understands the globalist’s financial agenda better than anyone, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Pierre Kory, co founder of the Front Line Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance, Dr. Ryan Cole, and Canadian doctors Stephen Malthouse and Byram Bridle and ethics professor Dr. Julie Ponesse, among many others.

It also tells the true story of David and Collet Stephan, who lost their infant son to medical malpractice and who spent years in court defending themselves against false charges of failing to provide medical necessities to their child, Ezekiel. To this day Health Canada is still claiming that Ezekiel died of meningitis, despite the fact that two different Canadian courts found that not to be true.

In this documentary, Todd and Amanda reveal what is truly The Big Picture, a high level overview of the globalist agenda, and how we can fight against it and reclaim our rights, our freedoms and our country.

Stay tuned at the end of this full free interview for a short excerpt from the documentary, The Big Picture: Life Inside the Control Grid.

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