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Protecting Small Business: Benoit Trudeau

By Iron Will / August 20, 2023 /

Covid lockdowns put tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses, or SME’s, out of business and their employees out of work, while large stores like Walmart and grocery store chains remained open.

This happened, in part, because large corporations have billions to spend on lobbyists to represent their interests with our governments.

But what if there was a lobby group that represented SME’s?

Benoit Trudeau is an experienced lobbyist who used to work for those big corporations. He has a deep understanding of government and lobbying, but now he’s founded the very first lobbying group in Canada, and perhaps, even the world, to lobby for small and medium sized businesses.

Alberta Free is already at work, representing the energy and cattle industries in Alberta to work towards Ben’s vision of creating a self-sustaining province that will provide independence and autonomy from globalist interference and federal government control.

In this interview Ben provides a practical guide for people in other provinces to do the same.

How does someone become a lobbyist? How does lobbying really work? And most importantly, how do you assemble coalitions of SME’s large enough that the government will take notice, and make changes favorable to those businesses.

This interview may prove to be one of the most important I have ever done. It is nothing less than the manual for the people of Canada to protect themselves from the planned agenda of the globalists, an agenda that is being carried out with the willing cooperation of our federal government.

It is for this reason that this interview is being released in its entirety. Please watch it. Share it. And most importantly of all, if you are in a position to do so, take action.


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3 Years for False Charges: Devlin Gannon

By Iron Will / August 13, 2023 /

Freedom of speech in our country is under attack. Those who attempt to bring people the truth risk arrest, and in some cases, violent arrest.

Devlin Gannon is 27. He’s an independent journalist. Last year he was covering a demonstration in Calgary when he was violently assaulted by police. He was then charged with assaulting a police officer. An untrue accusation.

In this interview, we show you the videos proving his innocence, and Devlin explains the details.

Devlin faces up to three years in prison if convicted.




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10 Years in Prison: Artur & Nathaniel Pawlowski

By Iron Will / August 9, 2023 /

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is a man to be silenced. At least in the opinion of our government. And for the past 18 years they have been trying to do just that. Threats. Bribes. Imprisonment.

But none of those have worked. Pastor Art refuses to stop practicing his faith. He feeds the poor at his street ministries. He helps junkies and hookers get off the street. And he continues to preach the truth.

Raised in communist Poland, Pastor Pawlowski is well acquainted with tyranny and corruption. But the tyranny he faced in Poland pales in comparison to what is happening now, here, in Canada. A supposedly democratic country, the Charter of which guarantees all Canadians certain rights, including the right to freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

In July, Pastor Artur Pawlowski was found guilty of ‘inciting mischief’. On August 9th he will be sentenced.

To up to ten years in prison.

In what may be his last interview before that sentencing. Pastor Art is joined by his adult son, Nathaniel Pawlowski, who recently completed a degree in Criminal Justice, and who is fighting for his country alongside his father.




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Your City Council Has Been Bought Off

By Iron Will / July 26, 2023 /

A few months ago I interviewed Tom Harris, a former climate alarmist turned whistle blower on the real facts behind climate change. And the fact is that manmade global warming simply is not happening.

Climate alarmism is part of the globalist agenda. A means to terrify ordinary people into complying with draconian restrictions on their rights and freedoms.

Recently a viewer sent me a link to a video, a short presentation made by a resident of the city of Peterborough to the city council. That video is proof that you don’t have to be a scientist to understand the real science and to speak out in defense of our rights.

Maggie Braun, like Tom Harris, used to believe the climate change narrative. She studied ecosystem management with hopes to work for the U.N. in finding solutions to the climate crisis. But then she started asking questions and doing more research. It wasn’t long before the lie was revealed.

A lie that is being used to undermine our sovereignty and hand control of our lives over to the globalist agenda. Not just nationally or provincially, but right down to the level of our local city councils.

Another fact that Maggie discovered is that most of our cities are now in fact private corporations. Corporations which receive substantial funding from globalist organizations to buy compliance with their agenda.


Climate Change Protest Video

Maggie’s Newsletter

Community Accountability and Transparency Councils

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The Persecution of Dr. Mark Trozzi

By Iron Will / July 9, 2023 /

Many of you are aware that the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons in this country, and especially in Ontario, have been carrying out a program of censorship and persecution of honest doctors and nurses for the past three years.

Some time ago, I interviewed Dr. Crystal Luchkiw, Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Mark Trozzi and their lawyer, Michael Alexander.

At that point, the licenses of Dr. Phillips and Dr. Luchkiw had been suspended. Their crime was practicing medical ethics. Telling their patients the truth. But a truth that contradicted the official narrative being handed down by the CPSO, many of whom are not in fact doctors themselves.

Since then, Dr. Phillips has had his license revoked by the CPSO, and Dr. Luchkiw’s suspension has been upheld.

Dr. Mark Trozzi is an emergency physician with 25 years of experience. In early 2021 he took a voluntary leave of absence from his position at the hospital where he worked. He did this so he could keep telling people the truth, something he’s been doing ever since through his website,

Because he wasn’t practicing the College left him alone.

Until he stepped in at Dr. Luchkiw’s clinic to help some of the 800 patients, many of them elderly, who had been left without a physician since Crystal’s suspension.

He saw four patients, in four hours. That was how long it took the CPSO to suspend his license as well.

In this extensive interview that reveals just how deep the corruption at the CPSO goes, Dr. Trozzi and Michael Alexander discuss his hearing. A hearing that is due to resume very shortly. You will also learn how you can help to expose the CPSO tribunal for what it is. Not justice. Not truth.

Just persecution of an ethical doctor for the crime of exposing their lies.


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Dealing Death: The Culling of Canadians

By Iron Will / July 2, 2023 /

MAID. Medical Assistance in Dying. A marketing term for assisted suicide. And if that was all it was, many of us would be OK with it, at least in cases of terminally ill adults in full possession of their faculties.

But that’s not what MAiD is in Canada. It’s a euthanasia agenda, where medical facilities and personnel push suicide on patients as an option. In fact, often it’s the first option that is discussed. And pushed to the point where last year over 10,000 Canadians were effectively put down. More than any other country in the world, and more than twice as many as our U.S. neighbors, despite the fact that their population is 10x our own.

A few years ago, Angelina Ireland entered a recovery facility in B.C. after enduring treatment for cancer. She became involved with the organization, the Delta Hospice Society, and is now on their board of directors.

The Delta Hospice Society used to operate an 8 million dollar privately built palliative care center. The B.C. government took it away from them two years ago because they refused to offer MAiD as an option.

But the Society hasn’t stopped fighting, and neither has Angelina.

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Beyond the Reset: 1.5 Million Views | Oleg Kuznetsov

By Shawna / May 24, 2023 /

Recently a video surfaced on Youtube, an animated 3d story of a man living in a Covid internment camp. Titled Beyond the Reset, the video, just under half an hour in length, has garnered almost 1.5 million views in just one month

And surprisingly Youtube has not taken it down, although they have added an excerpt from Wikipedia below the video to be sure that those 1.5 million viewers are exposed to the official narrative.

I’m joined today by the creator of Beyond the Reset, Oleg Kuzentzov, who grew up in Russia but is now a Canadian citizen living in Calgary, to talk about his creation, the inspiration for it, and what it means that even now, almost a year after most Canadian provinces dropped restrictive Covid mandates, his story is still attracting millions of views.


Beyond the Reset:

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15 Minute Cities | Julianne Romanello, Part 1

By Shawna / May 13, 2023 /

15 minute cities. They’re being implemented around the world as a means to address the imaginary climate crisis while providing people with the ease and convenience of having everything they need within walking distance of home. They’re also sometimes called smart cities, but the globalists who are behind the concept prefer not to use that term, as it comes much closer to revealing what they really are.

Stockades for a population of human cattle, whose every move will be monitored and controlled 24/7.

Recently one of our viewers sent me a link to a presentation given to an Oklahoma state board by Professor Julianne Romanello, a former professor of political philosophy.

Julianne has tied together all the seemingly disconnected concepts of the great reset and shows how all of these fourth industrial revolution tyrannies will be implemented in 15 minute cities as the practical application of the globalist’s transhumanist depopulation and control agenda.

In this two part interview, Professor Romanello walks us through each aspect of that agenda, reveals the truth behind their double-speak, and the terrible future that awaits us all if we don’t stop them before it’s too late.

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DNA in the Vials Proves It’s a Bioweapon, Part 1 | Dr. Trozzi

By Shawna / May 3, 2023 /

Of late I’ve been trying to release interviews and excerpts of interviews that will get past the censorship on sites like Youtube and Facebook in order to spread the truth as far as possible. This is not one of those interviews so it won’t be posted there, or to any other social media channel that censors content. It can’t be, because the truth it contains is so damaging to the official narrative it’s the kind of thing the globalists have killed people for revealing.

If you’ve been watching my interviews and news reports you already know the mRNA injections have been responsible for a long list of harms, including sadly, over 20 million people worldwide who have now died from them. With many more deaths to come.

The spike proteins from the shots causes chronic inflammation which leads to the disease states that result in the crippling and death of the victims of these bioweapons, and the substitution of pseudo-uridine for the uridine found in naturally occuring RNA means that the toxic effects of these injections will last for months, at the very least. The fact is, we don’t really know if the body can ever fully recover from the many and varied adverse reactions.

But now we know it is much worse than we could ever have imagined.

We were all told the shot contained messenger RNA, that it would stay in the shoulder, that it would dissipate after a few days, that it would leave no lasting impact upon the body other than possible protection from a very specific strain of coronavirus. Those were all lies.

Even the part about the shot containing just mRNA.

Thanks to a fortunate accident, we know now, from the work of expert gene sequencer Dr. Kevin McKernon, that the Pfizer and Moderna vials contain not just RNA, but DNA. And not a little. A lot. DNA that is designed to change the genetic code within the cells of the body, to turn those cells into factories that will manufacture toxic spike proteins, not for while, but forever.

I’m joined today by Dr. Mark Trozzi, who has a talent for explaining very complicated medical science concepts in such a way that we can all understand them. Recently Dr. Trozzi released a short video on Dr. McKernan’s work on his website at, but I confess that I found even Dr. Trozzi’s video a little difficult to understand.

In this vitally important interview, we’re going to play clips from Dr. Trozzi’s video. Then Mark and I will explain in simple English the health impacts of the shots that result from these genetic changes. And in the process we will reach the inevitable conclusion that it is simply impossible that the creators of these shots would not have known that what they were about to release upon the world was not a vaccine, but a lethal bioweapon.

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Trudeau Impersonator Cancelled | John Stetch

By Iron Will / April 27, 2023 /

Cancel culture is getting increasingly out of hand.

Some of you will know the name John Stetch, or as he is sometimes known John Julian. John is well known for his bang on impersonation of Justin Trudeau. He has his own Youtube channel where many of his Trudeau sketches have gone viral, and it was John who voiced Trudeau for our Christmas Eve special this past year that got 100,000 views in one week.

But what a lot of you may not know is that John is also a very accomplished jazz musician with 16 albums to his name.

Recently John, who makes his living as a professional musician, became the target of cancel culture when a small group of other musicians circulated a letter to clubs around town accusing him of racism and misogyny.

John’s Youtube Channel

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