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Goose and Maple: George Douklias

Over the past three years hundreds of thousands of Canadians lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates. But not all employers were on board with the narrative. What was needed was way to connect unvaxxed job seekers with employers who would not discriminate based upon vaccine status.

In 2021, George Douklias and Melissa Lauchli launched Jabless Jobs, an online employment agency that did just that. George got the idea after he was fired from his job for refusing the vax. His boss told him he would fail, that no employer would hire someone who had not taken the shots.

Two years later, Jabless Jobs is expanding. Yesterday, October 7th, the new improved version of the very successful non-discriminatory employment agency launched under their new iconically Canadian name, GooseandMaple.com.

Not only will Goose and Maple carry on the work of Jabless Jobs in matching unvaxxed job seekers with employers, but they have also launched a business directory where you can find businesses that don’t require their customers to wear masks or show proof of vaccination.

In addition, George provides insights into the careers today that are in high demand. For the young deciding what educational path to pursue, or those looking to retrain, this interview is essential viewing.

LINK: Goose and Maple


  1. parryruth10@gmail.com on October 12, 2023 at 9:12 am

    Excellent report. Thanks for bringing to light the issue of work ethic in Canada. I’ve been harping about this for years. I believe that our education system has failed and also that the parenting of our youth has failed in many cases. We’ve been too lenient and allowed the young people to get by without living up to an ethical standard in their education and also in their relationships to others.

    • George.Douklias on October 28, 2023 at 3:38 pm

      Yes, their relationships to others is a great example of the crumbling values of individuals and in-turn, the ethics within the workforce of Canada. Melissa and I have been troubled by all the examples we’ve heard from employers of the last fe years, but we also feel blessed to hear that Jabless Jobs has helped these same employers find good honest workers.

      Note: we’ve had some major set-backs in the launching of GooseAndMaple.com, but we’ve overcome most of them and hope to publish the completed website within the 1st week of November.

      Thanks again

      Geroge Douklias
      Founder & CEO
      Jabless Jobs Inc.

      Growing an Economy of Integrity

  2. Roger Foster on October 9, 2023 at 2:32 am

    great interview, yes the job ethic is a real issue but this has been done by design.

    with the loss of our manufacturing sector since 1990 when we were duped into this failed experiment as a global trade economy, over 2/3rds of the good paying jobs in a labor environment in which you would grow with the company & advance within the company over decades of performance dedication & commitment to that company.

    so we went from being a culture where the majority had at most 4 jobs in their life time to the retail sector culture essentially (basically what used to be student entry level jobs) over night. so that in its self destroyed a lot of the work ethic as, you do not have the same dedication or room for advancement when working in the retail service industry.

    thus the perception of employment changed.

    I guess I would describe myself as half Boomer half Gen X so I remembered the days when we employed our woman in textiles plants & we manufactured & serviced everything from transistor radios to travel trailers & mobile homes, so we were producers & having the ability to have something physical you can hold in your hand at the end of the day & be able to know you made a actual contribution to society goes a long way towards establishing that work ethic, that you do not get from working in the services industry stocking shelves in a store or handing people their orders all day.

    so we have gone from having a diverse industries to choose from for your life desires, occupations to train for & work towards to now where you take a job to pay the bills & put food on the table.

    thus the shift has gone from the mindset of employment being a proud contributing member of society back then to employment merely being the means of survival today and not necessarily something you enjoy or want to do, so the majority today are just putting in hours to get a pay cheque nothing more.

    then you combine that with the communist mindset being taught by the Marxist agenda through the universities that everything should be free & compound that with a debtors economy where banks give credit to make you a debt slave knowing you are living beyond your means, but hey you can have now & worry about how you will pay later.

    so now there is no need for a work ethic as you can have whatever you want whenever you want, no need to save for something, to work towards something & people today don’t comprehend inflation in the same way we did as buying everything on credit & paying for everything with a card as oppose to paying with cash in hand, cashing that pay cheque, holding that physical money the reward of your labor & seeing in reality its buying power & how far it goes every week, the digital era desensitizes you to that & its done by design by the globalist agenda.

    unfortunately the only way that will ever change is to politically end this failed experiment as a global trade economy, cancel these treasonous trade treaties & go back to the old system of import tariffs that was in place until the late 1980’s, if you want access to our economy you pay a tariff that will raise the price of your product equal to that of a Canadian made product in the same category & if you do not want to pay that tariff your option was to move your manufacturing & repair division here & hire local labor.

    We need to promote a pro human future with every nation manufacturing what they consume & only trading with their nearest neighbors be it state, province, nation & respect the right of others to do the same, we break up these Corporate monopoly empires, punish consolidation & over automation in areas that replace humans & reward redundancy in manufacturing & supply chain.

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