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Covid Collateral: The Machinery of Mass Manipulation
Vanessa Dylan

Documentaries on Covid and the lockdowns are not new, but many of them are targeted at those who are awake. Those who already understand that the entire plandemic was orchestrated, from the virus itself to the government and media propaganda to censorship and cancelling of experts who attempted to tell the public the truth.

But four years in, very few documentaries are yet being crafted to reach those who are not aware of the facts, but who might be open to hearing the truth, if it’s presented in an even-handed, calm and rational manner.

Vanessa Dylan, a veteran Canadian filmmaker, has done exactly that with her latest documentary, Covid Collateral.

I was privileged to be granted an advanced screening of the film, which will be released on May 9th. As I watched it I was struck by the difference between Vanessa’s work on this documentary and so many others that have been produced in the past few years. While all of them have revealed essential truths, Vanessa’s style is more in line with old-fashioned journalism. It avoids inflammatory statements that could discredit the high profile scientists in the film, such as Dr. Scott Atlas, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Paul Marik, among many others. At the same time, it presents some shocking truths, but in such as way as to be non-threatening to those who may have bought into the narrative.

If you watch my show, then you almost certainly have friends and family who have closed their ears to any Covid-related truth you have tried to tell them. Covid Collateral could very well be the documentary that finally reaches them, that gets them to open their minds and start to question the official narrative.

LINK: https://www.covidcollateral.com

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