14 Year Veteran Imprisoned for the Truth | Jeremy MacKenzie

Our government has developed a habit in the past 3 years of imprisoning people who say things that are counter to the narrative. John Carpay, president of the JCCF, Tamara Lich, Freedom Convoy Organizer, Pastor Art Pawlowski, and many others. Some of you will be familiar with Jeremy MacKenzie, the Raging Dissident.

Jeremy has now spent a total of ten weeks in prison, despite the fact that he has no criminal record, served 14 years in the military, often under fire, and has committed no criminal acts. What he has done is to be outspoken in his views of our tyrannical government. And so, of course they activate their controlled media to paint him as an ‘armed and dangerous’ terrorist.

Then there’s Diagolon. A meme. A joke created by MacKenzie to highlight the paranoia that always infects tyrants. We can’t know if the media was instructed to report Diagolon as a militant, racist, terrorist group, or if they are just so stupid they don’t know a joke when they see it. But the effect is the same. An innocent man is arrested and imprisoned for months on baseless charges, and there is no public outcry.

Jeremy is out now, and continuing his Raging Dissident podcast. So since imprisoning him didn’t work, now he has received word from the Bank of Nova Scotia, where he has done his banking for years, that they are cancelling his accounts. This includes his mortgage. And no other bank in Canada will take his business.
Here, with his entire story is Jeremy MacKenzie, the Raging Dissident.


Raging Dissident

Will’s Jan 2022 Interview with Jeremy



  1. Richard Levy on February 14, 2023 at 10:14 pm

    I was 16 days in solitary out of 30 days. The rest was lock down, 2 to a cell. NHL blaring, echoing off cement walls till 3AM. Twice a week out for a shower. No books. No programs, no communications(phone on the range was a waste of time), No mail in or out. Refusal of a second pcr test would’ve cost me the rest of my time plus 5 extra days in solitary. No proper chair as in no back rest. All for a traffic ticket, the type of which the head ont dick promised these charges will be 99% timed out before going to court. In his infinite wisdom, he locked us all down, left the spirits stores open and shut down all recovery programs. My story is nothing compared to the incidences of assault, murder, suicide and all kinds of other special stuff that happened more often than usual that coincidentally coincided with all those man dates.

    • Iron Will on February 16, 2023 at 10:33 am

      And after all this time, and all the things I’ve heard, I am still shocked by stories like yours. In a sane world, people would have been screaming over this.

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