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Why Trudeau Will Escape Justice: Umar Sheikh

People are dying in Canada as a result of medical tyranny. Sheila Annette Lewis, in Alberta, was taken off the transplant list due to her vaccine status. Despite her lawyer, Umar Sheikh, after a 2 year fight, recently winning for Sheila the right to that life-saving transplant, the judgement came too late. Sheila Lewis died a few weeks ago.

In Ontario, 17 year old Sean Hartman was found dead on his bedroom floor just 33 days after his first Pfizer injection. Until the shot, Sean was perfectly healthy. His father, Dan Hartman, had pleaded with him not to take the shot, but Sean wanted to play Hockey, and the league wouldn’t let him unless he was vaccinated. Sean’s death occurred two years ago, but Dan has yet to get his day in court to seek justice for the loss of his son.

Lawyer Umar Sheikh, in cooperation with the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms has represented both Sheila Lewis and Dan Hartman.

In this interview, Umar reveals the shocking degree that government lawyers go to in order to delay court cases. Delaying tactics that are resulting in yet more delayed justice, and which will result in more deaths.

But these delaying tactics on the part of government lawyers are standard practice.

A practice so standard it leads to the inevitable conclusion that, in December of 2020 when Trudeau’s government launched vaccine mandates, and told Canadians that the vaccines were ‘safe and effective’, Trudeau knew that it would be at least ten years before a court in Canada would rule on that narrative.

Ten years while our government can continue to coerce tens of millions of Canadians into taking booster after booster. And by the time a court rules that the vaccines were anything but ‘safe and effective’, the damage will be done, and Trudeau will no longer be in a position to be held responsible.

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