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The Attack on Your Medical Privacy

Since the start of the Covid narrative there has been a steady campaign by the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons across our country to persecute any doctor or other medical professional who refused to follow their Covid directives.

Directives which were not laws. They were in fact nothing other than guidelines. Guidelines which no doctor is required to follow if they believed that following those directives was not in the best interest of their patients.

Dr. Rochagné Kilian, who has been on my show several times, was one of the first doctors in our country to walk away from her job in protest of guidelines which she saw as harmful to patients. Subsequently she went to work at an online clinic, where she provided vaccine exemptions and prescriptions for Ivermectin to her patients.

The College suspended her license, despite the fact that not a single patient had complained about her treatment.

In addition, the College demanded that Dr. Kilian hand over her patient records. Once again, despite the fact that not a single patient had complained, and in contravention of laws protecting patient privacy.

Dr. Kilian refused.

Dr. Kilian is being represented pro bono by Paul Slansky. 31 of Dr. Kilian’s patients are being represented in their case to protect their medical privacy by Amina Sherazee, once again pro bono.

In this interview with Dr. Kilian, and lawyers Paul Slansky and Amina Sherazee, we will reveal the agenda by the Colleges, not only to censor and suspend any physician who does not follow their directives, but also their relentless campaign to erase your right to medical privacy.


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