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Protecting Your Wealth: Moving Your Assets to the U.S.
Peter Merrick

Our current financial system was started about 300 years ago by the ancestors of today’s globalist cabal. The same cabal who understand that the very financial system that has made them obscenely wealthy is a house of cards on the verge of collapse.

Already we have seen major banks fail; dramatically increasing interest rates which are putting many people out of their homes; and captured governments, such as ours, borrowing our country so far into debt that there is no way we can ever get out, while at the same time printing money at record rates, which is causing, and will continue to cause inflation. Inflation which makes living in Canada ever more unaffordable.

The global financial system which has led us here does transactions in fiat currencies, paper money, backed by nothing, that has value only because governments say it does. Similarly, the global economic system is based upon debt, in the form of fractional reserve banking, which allows banks to conjure money out of thin air. Money that is an asset for them, and a liability for us. Money, which we who borrow must pay back, principal and interest in cash.

And the middle class, those of us who own homes, have careers, and perhaps some investments, are the number one target of the globalists. We are educated, and many of us have sufficient resources to hold out for years, even if we lost our jobs. Rampant inflation, rising interest rates and falling house prices are no accident. They are a campaign by our would-be globalist masters to make us all uniformly poor, and thus, subject to their rule.

But as always when it comes to money, those with knowledge may not only survive, but profit.

Peter Merrick is U.S. cross-border insurance and trust specialist who has compiled a list of perfectly legal strategies for protecting your assets by moving them to the U.S., and further protecting them once they are there. Peter, originally from Toronto, has been living in California since 2019, so he has inside knowledge of how both countries handle money and investments.

Peter is the author of 3 books on business and investing. He is considered one of the leading experts in business succession planning, intergenerational wealth transfer, risk management, estate and trusts, philanthropy and demographic aging, cross-border financial planning, and executive benefits and pensions.

He joins me today to educate us all on how the current financial system works, why the collapse of that system is inevitable, and why the globalists need to replace that system with CBDCs and social credit scores, but most importantly, how to protect your assets by transferring them out of the country. And do so perfectly legally while paying an absolute minimum in taxes.

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