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Profiting in the Coming Economic Collapse, Part 1

I have for some time been looking for a panel of financial experts in order to bring you interviews that will prepare you for the coming economic collapse. A collapse that is being engineered by the globalist elites to transfer all wealth and property ownership into their hands. They say you will own nothing and you will be happy. While I doubt that anyone will be happy, if they succeed in their plans you will indeed own nothing. And they will own everything.

Adrian Spitters is an author, holistic wealth advisor, and president of Performance Financial Consultants. Adrian accurately predicted the dot com crash and the 2008 housing and stock market bubbles and protected his clients from them. Bryce Wade is a marketing and business consultant who focuses on the big picture, following world news and economic developments. Warren Keane is Vice President of Sales for New World Precious Metals, a Canadian company that offers wholesale prices and consulting on investing in precious metals.

In this three part interview, Adrian, Bryce and Warren show us the charts and statistics which indicate that an economic crash beyond anything we have seen before is coming very soon.

In this, part one, we look at the current state of the economy, the effect of inflation and skyrocketing house prices, and the investments that have historically not only held their value in an economic crash, but left those who invested in them wealthier while those around them lose everything.


New World Precious Metals


Contact Adrian Spitters, Financial Consultant:

Email Adrian
Phone: 604•613•1693
Web: Adrian Spitters

Here is a link to Adrian’s brochure that explains his wealth advisory business in more detail. He works with a team of advisors to deliver holistic wealth advisory services. He is probably one of only a few advisors who can provide Holistic wealth advisory services that are also awake to the globalist agenda. https://mcusercontent.com/e4a56828a756703aeafda9017/files/3fe679d8-3866-6c47-612c-094abaa33e01/Do_You_Have_a_Wealth_Advisory_Team.pdf

For anyone interested in downloading a free copy of Adrian’s book “Who’s Investing Your Money,” here is a link to the brochure https://mcusercontent.com/e4a56828a756703aeafda9017/files/af8ff2bc-1972-383b-6271-1f658640718e/How_Has_Your_Investment_Done_Latley.pdf

Who’s Investing Your Money? is available as a free PDF download at www.whosinvestingyourmoney.com or for purchase on Amazon.ca as a paperback or Kindle at www.AdriansAmazonBooks.com


  1. Sealv on January 1, 2024 at 11:37 pm

    Dear Mr. Will Dove (Iron Will),
    I am unfortunately not a pay member, but I have contributed by donation before the membership was implementing.
    As a retired person with federal pension, I am looking for information which can help people like me to protect our savings and pension. I don`t seem to be able to find any information for low income people. Information is mainly provided for people who have home and other assets.
    What about buying gold or silver, or yet keeping money in a safe home? Will a third-party depository better and safe during a depression? So many questions.
    It will be great if you could provide low income people as well with some advices.
    Thank you for your exceptional work and having the interests of the people of Canada at heart.

  2. Deb on November 6, 2023 at 3:33 am

    The problem with buying gold and silver is that you have to register the purchase over $ 10 000. All such assets can and will be seized as during the era of President Roosevelt. All vaults will be seized as these locations are known and also registered. People who transferred wealth much earlier are in a better position as it could be done gradually. I do not think this “collapse” is going to pan out. The triggers are well understood an public reaction is also a factor.

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