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MOSIP A Digital Public Good for Identity

By Shawna / June 27, 2024 /

MOSIP offers countries modular and open-source technology to build and own their national identity systems.

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See How Every Aspect Of Canada Is Being Funded By Big Pharma – With Christine Colebeck

By Roli / June 27, 2024 /

This is the full 2 hour interview version. Christine was a working nurse in Canada who’s baby died from a vaccine and her other son had lifelong neurological damage. 30 years ago she began her journey into discovering the horror as to why the pharmaceutical giants have a noose around the necks of our politicians, universities, hospitals, scientists, and doctors. Christine names some past and current names involved in the pushing of the agenda and shows when and how this all started. This is an important episode to save for your files in our fight to reclaim Canada. Please share this information WIDELY.
(Links for this episode are at the bottom.)

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Despite Backlash, X Continues Digital ID Verification with New Partner Stripe

By Iron Will / June 27, 2024 /

X, a prominent social media platform, has seemingly phased out its association with the Israeli identity verification firm AU10TIX, shifting instead to American company Stripe to manage its identity verification services.

The move followed reports that AU10TIX had suffered a data leak.

This transition comes amidst concerns raised by some of X’s users regarding the safety of their personal data, particularly their photo IDs.

The call for X to disengage from AU10TIX also gained momentum after specific users highlighted the risk of intelligence sharing.

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ID Verification Company Partnered With X Suffered Data Leak, Report Claims

By Iron Will / June 26, 2024 /

AU10TIX, an identity verification company operating out of Israel and serving prominent clients like TikTok and more recently Elon Musk’s X, was found to have inadvertently left sensitive user information vulnerable after administrative credentials were exposed online, according to a report from 404 Media.

The company, known for processing photos and drivers’ licenses to verify identities, allegedly had this security lapse exposed by cybersecurity firm spiderSilk, revealing a potential goldmine for hackers.

The exposed data, accessible for over a year, included not only basic identity details such as names, birth dates, and nationalities but also images of the identity documents themselves, such as drivers’ licenses. This breach underscores a growing concern as more platforms, including social networks and adult content sites, demand real identity verification from users, increasing the risk of personal data exposure.

Further complicating the issue, AU10TIX’s services involve sophisticated processes like “liveness detection” and age estimation through photo analysis, indicating the depth of data potentially compromised.

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Mastercard To Expand Digital Biometric ID and “Behavioral Biometrics”

By Roli / June 25, 2024 /

When it comes to privacy and overall security of some of people’s most sensitive (financial, but also, “behavioral”) biometric data, massive global banks and payment processors, and burgeoning biometric surveillance was always going to be that perfect “match made in hell.”

And that reality is gradually taking shape. Not only is biometric tech and its ubiquitousness increasing (still in most countries without proper legal protections or proper “disclosure” of how and why it is being) – but behemoths like Mastercard and Visa are realizing they have access to massive amounts of highly monetizable people’s data.

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‘Blade runners’ chop down emissions monitoring cameras in England

By Shawna / June 25, 2024 /

An activist group deemed the “Blade runners” has been sawing carbon emissions monitoring camera poles in half, severing the wiring, in London, England.

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Feds Likes Payroll Data Scoop

By Valerie / June 24, 2024 /

Cabinet sees “potential” in a Department of Employment scheme to build Canada’s biggest database using payroll information on 31 million tax filers. “Government departments and agencies could then access the information when they need it,” said a Briefing Binder.

“There is potential for the Department of Employment to use payroll, employment and demographic data,” said the February 5 note. It did not elaborate.

“Now in its final year the current ePayroll project will deliver a fully costed business case that will have options for the implementation of an ePayroll solution for the Government of Canada that will reduce burdens and increase the speed and accuracy of servic

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WEF’s Digital ID Travel Project ‘Never Launched’: Transport Minister

By Iron Will / June 24, 2024 /

After Transport Canada said last year it was “committed” to closing a digital identity pilot project for air travel, Transport Minister Pablo Rodriguez is now saying it never got off the ground.

The department “officially ended its participation in the Known Traveller Digital Identity, or KTDI, project in April 2023,” Mr. Rodriguez said June 19 in the House of Commons. “The KTDI Project never launched.”
KTDI is one of several initiatives from the World Economic Forum (WEF) that Canada has participated in. The WEF gathers word leaders from politics and industry to implement its agenda.

The project involved the Dutch government, airports in Canada and the Netherlands, airlines Air Canada and KLM, and services firm Accenture.

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News The Great Reset Has BACKFIRED Neil Oliver explains why.

By Roli / June 23, 2024 /

The Powers That Be wanted to enslave humanity. Instead, they caused a Great Awakening.

Neil Oliver says they have “fumbled the ball” because they pushed too hard and gave people NOTHING in return.

Now, people are questioning:

15-minute cities
Climate change narrative
Anti-meat messaging
Conventional medicine
ALL vaccines
The electoral process itself
Et cetera

“I think that in the final moves towards this kind of neo-feudalism, they have exposed themselves. They’ve gone galloping towards the finishing line too early, in the wrong way, and too many people have seen it.”

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Network Rail covertly monitors people’s emotions using facial recognition and AI; it hasn’t gone down well with the UK public

By Iron Will / June 21, 2024 /

During the past two years, eight train stations around the UK tested artificial intelligence (“AI”) surveillance technology with CCTV cameras. Thousands of people catching trains likely had their faces scanned by cameras at ticket barriers with the data sent to Amazon Rekognition for analysis.

The AI trials used a combination of “smart” CCTV cameras that can detect objects or movements from images they capture and older cameras that have their video feeds connected to cloud-based analysis. The image recognition system was used to predict travellers’ age, gender and potential emotions with the suggestion that the data could be used in advertising systems in the future.

As Wired reported on Monday, AI researchers have frequently warned that using the technology to detect emotions is “unreliable,” and some say the technology should be banned due to the difficulty of working out how someone may be feeling from audio or video. In October 2022, the UK’s data regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office, issued a public statement warning against the use of emotion analysis, saying the technologies are “immature” and “they may not work yet, or indeed ever.”

The scope of the AI trials, elements of which have previously been reported, was revealed in a cache of documents obtained in response to a freedom of information request by civil liberties group Big Brother Watch.

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