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Maxime Bernier: Fixing Canada

He came within inches of being the leader of the federal Conservative Party. After losing to Andrew Scheer, whom the party dumped in 2019, Maxime Bernier formed the People’s Party of Canada.

Earning the moniker The Albertan from Quebec for his conservative views, Bernier tripled the PPC popular vote from 1,6% in 2019 to over 5% in 2021. And he remains confident that voters will continue to be attracted to his party. A party which believes in the rights and freedoms of Canadians.

Maxime himself has been arrested and fined for protesting the lockdowns which did so much damage to the livelihoods and very lives of his fellow Canadians.

In this in person interview, Maxime answers questions on wide range of subjects, from his protests against the Covid narrative, to climate alarmism, to the trans agenda.

Having been privileged to meet Maxime in person, I myself can only say I believe the Conservative Party of Canada made a major mistake when they did not nominate him as leader.


People’s Party of Canada




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