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IWR News for May 31st
Is the WHO Pandemic Treaty Dead?

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear:

  • Is the WHO Pandemic Treaty Dead?
  • Turd-nomics: Decades of ‘Stagflation’ Predicted for Canada
  • The Bill Justin Can’t Pay
  • 2nd Annual Pride Flag Day School Walkout
  • Our First Viewer Poll: The Top 10 Threats to Canada
  • Proof of Media Colluding with Politicians
  • A Simple Screen Addiction Treatment for Your Kids
  • The Non-Study Study: Why Grocery Prices are So High
  • The True Severe Adverse Reaction Rate: Higher Than You Think
  • Special Report: ‘Unvaxxed’ Vaxxed Deaths
  • Shot to Death: 2 New Studies Showing Obscene Death Rates in the Vaxxed
  • Who is Funding the Gain of Function Avian Flu Virus Research?
  • Canadian Detective Accused of Misconduct for Finding the Truth
  • The Great Korean Poop War


Our Survey on the Top Ten Threats to Canada: https://ironwillreport.com/viewer-survey/

Atkinson Report on Crooked Media: https://sharylattkisson.substack.com/p/newsgate-reporters-caught-coordinating

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