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Canada’s Original Freedom Fighter: Adam Skelly

Lockdowns, which began in 2020, destroyed tens of thousands of small businesses across Canada. Adam Skelly, the owner of Adamson BBQ, a chain of 3 very popular barbeque restaurants in the Toronto area became an inspiration to countless Canadians when, in November of 2020 he defied the second round of lockdowns and kept his business open.

He was arrested, and his business closed and locked by police. His equipment was auctioned off. He spent two days in prison until he agreed not to post any information on his arrest on social media. In short, the government silenced him and put him out of business.

To this day, though, Adam is still fighting not just for his rights, but for ours. His first case was dismissed by the court in 2022, after the government tried very hard to keep the case out of the public eye and Adam’s lawyers burned through almost 300,000 dollars for what ultimately proved to be incompetent actions. He is now suing the lawyers, although at least one has fled the country.

Adam has now filed a second case against the Government of Ontario. A case which will aim to prove that the government’s actions were unconstitutional. A number of experts are prepared to testify, including Dr. Harvey Risch and Dr. Byram Bridle.

But there is also a lawsuit against Adam by the City of Toronto. They want to charge him 187,000 dollars for police services for the 253 police officers they claim were needed to close his restaurant and maintain order. And they are trying to use that as leverage to once again silence him. The Crown claims that Adam’s constitutional challenge is frivolous, and so are demanding he pay $32,000 in advance in case he loses. Despite the fact that his court date is scheduled for October of 2024, he’s been given until January 20th to come up with the money.

If Adam wins his case next October he’s been assured that the charges against him, including the 187,000 dollars will be dropped. If however, he loses the case, or fails to come up with the $32,000 dollars they will proceed with the City of Toronto case against him.

Adam doesn’t have to do pursue his case against the Ontario government. He has since moved on with his life, even moving away from Ontario. But he continues to believe that our rights must be respected, that freedom is not free, and that all that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.


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