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Canada’s First Climate Lockdown: Peter Mac Isaac

There has been an increase in forest fires this year. In some cases, such as on Vancouver Island, a dramatic increase. Mainstream media, the government, and the climate alarmist would have us believe this is due to global warming. But there are problems with their story. Clear evidence of arson in many cases, the convenient timing of fires and Quebec blowing smoke into New York State just three weeks before new climate tax was passed by our government, fires in BC that are being allowed to burn while firefighters sit idle and police prevent residents from saving their own homes.

Peter Mac Isaac served for many years as a forest warden and fire investigator. He’s a survival expert who hosted his own hunting and fishing show for three years on the sportsman channel.

And just a few weeks ago, it was Peter who posted a satellite surveillance video showing over a dozen fires over a wide area in Quebec, all starting at exactly the same time. That video went viral and has received millions of views.

In this interview, Peter debunks the climate alarmism narrative as a cause of the fires and reveals the corruption and incompetence in our government that shows the truth. They want these fires to burn to advance their alarmist agenda.

Why are Canada’s Forests Burning

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  1. Chris Mills on August 28, 2023 at 3:30 pm

    A brilliant interview with a very inspiring group of people. And everybody in Canada should get on Twitter and ask Elon Musk to reinstate Peter Mac, Isaac.
    Let’s do this folks let’s do this.

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