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The World Health Organization is Self-Destructing
James Roguski

It’s only been a month since my last interview with James Roguski, who is undoubtedly the world’s top researcher keeping tabs on the World Health Organization, or the WHO. In our last interview, titled WHO Proposed Amendments Null and Void, James revealed how the World Health Organization is violating their own rules in the push to enact the over 300 amendments to the International Health Regulations. For those who recall that interview, the WHO did indeed miss the January 27th deadline to submit the full list of amendments to voting members and are in contravention of their own Article 55.

But that’s only the first crack in their rapidly crumbling façade.

As you are watching this, the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body of the WHO is in closed door meetings in Geneva to discuss the Proposal for Negotiating Text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement, a legal document submitted by some 70 member countries, not to ensure better health care for their citizens, but because those governments want a bigger piece of the Big Pharma pie.

And when they don’t get it, and it looks very much like they won’t, they’ll have no reason to continue to act as distributors for Big Pharma.

And that is hardly the WHO’s only problem.

In this interim update while we wait for the outcome of the World Health Organization’s 77th annual general meeting in April, James exposes the infighting which is threatening to reveal to the world that the WHO is nothing more than the international marketing arm for Big Pharma, part of a global crime syndicate that hides their racketeering behind the thin and very unconvincing veil of protecting people’s health, while earning billions selling drugs that don’t work, to people who don’t need them.

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