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Profiting in the Coming Economic Collapse, Part 3:
Protecting Yourself and Your Family
Adrian Spitters, Bryce Wade, Warren Keane

The current economic system is headed for collapse. The globalists want to replace it with CBDCs and social credit scores. I and others believe they will fail in that goal, but that does not change the fact that we are headed for a major crash, one so severe it could make the Great Depression look like a minor economic slump.

In November, we released my 3 part series with financial experts Adrian Spitters, Bryce Wade and Warren Keane. That series, titled How to Profit in the Coming Economic Collapse, ranked in the top ten of my now almost 400 interviews for views. You can see that series at IronWillReport.com.

But the picture is constantly changing. Rampant inflation, which is not the 4 or 5% the government claims, but well into double digits when food prices and rising energy costs are taken into account; unbridled immigration combined with falling house prices, a looming wave of foreclosures as people must soon renew their mortgages at much higher interest rates, a federal government which has run up more debt and printed more money than all previous governments combined, and of course the globalist’s plans to release more viruses and engineer cyber attacks while attempting to destroy our food and energy supplies, all contribute to the building pressure upon our wallets.

The writing is on the wall, for anyone with the courage to look at it.

And so Adrian, Bryce and Warren have kindly agreed to quarterly updates. Not just to give us all a clear picture of the evolving crisis, but more importantly to offer solutions.

In part one of this second series, we discuss the changes in the global situation over the past 3 months. In part two, we focus especially on the problems facing Canadians, and in part 3, once again we cover solutions. Solutions that are not just for those who can afford to invest hundreds of thousands, but also for those who have little or nothing with which to secure themselves and their families in the coming crisis.

It has been said that capitalism is a means for the uneven distribution of wealth, socialism is a means for the even distribution of poverty, and communism is socialism with a gun held to your head.

In a Canada where Trudeau’s government is working for outside powers that want to subject us all to their own special brand of communism, these interviews contain the information you need to be informed, and above all, to be prepared.


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Contact Adrian Spitters, Financial Consultant:
Email Adrian
Phone: 604•613•1693
Web: Adrian Spitters

Here is a link to Adrian’s brochure that explains his wealth advisory business in more detail. He works with a team of advisors to deliver holistic wealth advisory services. He is probably one of only a few advisors who can provide Holistic wealth advisory services that are also awake to the globalist agenda.

For anyone interested in downloading a free copy of Adrian’s book “Who’s Investing Your Money,” here is a link to the brochure

Who’s Investing Your Money? is available as a free PDF download at
or for purchase on Amazon.ca as a paperback or Kindle at


  1. Kiran on March 4, 2024 at 7:32 pm

    Amazing. Thank you for doing this and taking the time to share such practical knowledge!

  2. Janis Radu on March 3, 2024 at 1:33 pm

    I would like to thank you for providing us with very important facts and information. My family has the resources to be okay in the future. Maybe better than okay. My husband is a builder, my son is a mechanic and keeps all our equipment running. I have college degree for growing food and other plants. My husband and I currently have a 42 acre farm. My son and his family has property and my daughter has property. The plan is that we all sell our property here and purchase a property in a much smaller community and we are going to get property together, my son and his family, my daughter and her husband and myself and my husband. We are pooling our funds. We all have skills that will make us self sufficient and we can use our knowledge to trade what we might need, while helping others. We had already decided to do this prior to watching this series. So this just confirmed what I had suspected was going to happen sooner or later. So thank you all for putting this podcast together to get the truth out.

  3. Daniel Allison on March 2, 2024 at 3:12 pm

    One piece of advice, was to sell your house & rent…that doesn’t make sense to me, rent here in Essex county ontario is about $2500.00, while my taxes are only $2400.00 per year..can you explain this please?

  4. Dianne Coutts on February 29, 2024 at 6:47 pm

    Thank you very much to Will and guests for the time and effort you have made to bring us this valuable information.
    Hoping and praying that people wake up to what is happening on this planet—–that is huge.
    Also, finding others with whom to collaborate!!

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