The climate apocalypse alarmists are looking more than a little discredited with their claims of solar and wind energy’s reliability and low cost, the escalations of global warming, and more frequent extreme weather events.

Their ultimate threat of the imminent death of all life on earth, solely from human-generated carbon dioxide-based warming, is implausible. These are extravagant exaggerations, at best. It is overdue to re-examine the very energy source that is the subject of the fiercest ire: coal.

Coal is the cheapest of all energy sources on a full-cost basis—not the bogus reliability and dispatchability evading ’levelized cost’ that omits those crucial factors. Coal is flexible to electrical demand fluctuations and is the most globally abundant fuel.

General Electric, ironically a big player in the wind sector, describes on its website the promising, commercially available High-Efficiency, Low-Emissions (HELE) coal technology:

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