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More than 1,600 migrants have reached the Canary Islands since last Friday, which is located of the northwest coast of Africa.

Most of the migrant boats are departing from Senegal and the migrants are coming from the sub-Saharan African region.

Migrants arriving by boat in Spain spend up to 72 hours in police custody, for identification, then are moved into various reception or detention centers depending on their cases. Although some are deported, most apply for asylum and are taken to mainland Spain for their petitions to be studied. Hence, these migrants aren’t ending up in the Canary Islands, but instead this is a short-cut right onto the European mainland. In the end, once in Spain, many are ordered to leave if they don’t get asylum. Spain shares land borders with France and Portugal. Making it to these islands is therefore just a “get out of jail card” to migrate to Europe.

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