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U.S. Dept Of Commerce To Digitize The Identities Of All Americans Receiving ‘Public Benefits’

By Roli / June 13, 2024 /

Like your “public benefits?” You can keep your public benefits! At a price: your freedom. The Federal Government has adopted a “whole-of-government” campaign to enforce the adoption of a universal ID. When Universal Basic Income is adopted in the future, only the “tagged and bagged” will be on the list; all others can eat sawdust. This is the heartbeat of Technocracy that has been in play since 1932. ⁃ TN Editor

Federal ‘Guidelines’ have already been secretly adopted for a Digital ID program that will start off as ‘voluntary’ but only the most gullible Americans would believe that’s anything but temporary.

In the globalist drive toward the creation of a national digital ID for all Americans is well under way, and the first group of citizens to be coerced into accepting a digital ID will be those receiving public benefits of one type or another.

Government healthcare benefits, Veterans’ benefits, Social Security benefits, and of course low-income welfare programs of every type will all be fair game for digital IDs, and the U.S. government is already far down the road to adopting a strategy of digitizing all government-dependent citizens.

It all begins with a little-known program within the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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Calgary water main repairs halted, Gondek demands further water control Mayor Gondek is now that demanding Calgary residents reduce their water use even more following the non-critical injury of two workers that led to repair delays.

By Valerie / June 13, 2024 /

Repairs on Calgary’s water main were abruptly halted early Thursday morning after two workers sustained injuries.Both of the workers are now in the hospital, but neither are in critical condition.

Following the injuries, Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek provided an update, giving her condolences to the workers and asking Calgarians to reduce their water use even more.

“Our hearts are heavy with the news of these injuries this morning,” Gondek said before adding, “I now must ask you to do more on your water conservation to support those that are working to restore our safe water supply.”

Just yesterday, Gondek asked Calgarians to do the same, saying that while Calgarians have already reduced their water well below what’s necessary while repairs are being done, she was concerned by a brief rise in use.

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Calgary City Council wants to permanently restrict water use City Council is bringing in new restrictions, and crisis-level water rationing might become the new norm.

By Valerie / June 12, 2024 /

In line with what ‘conspiracy theorists’ have said from the beginning, Calgary City Council is taking advantage of the water main break to establish permanent water control measures to limit citizens’ consumption and use.

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News Coutts trial hears from undercover officer that ‘revolution’ was planned

By Valerie / June 12, 2024 /

The trial for the two remaining Coutts men heard the the local blockade was meant to be a “revolution,” according to a female undercover officer who infiltrated the protest.

Anthony Olienick and Chris Carbert pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and other charges in court in Lethbridge. The trial is expected to continue through to July. The two men have been held in custody for 850 days so far.

The alleged offences date back to 2022 during th

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SITUATION CRITICAL: Gondek urges Calgarians reduce water usage even more

By Valerie / June 12, 2024 /

Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek said Calgarians need to keep reducing their water usage.

While Calgary came in at the threshold on Wednesday of 480 million litres of water used, Gondek said water usage is creeping up.

“So yesterday we used 480 million litres,” said Gondek at a Wednesday press conference.

“On Saturday was when we did our best work.”

On Saturday, Calgary used 440 million litres of water. Sunday saw Calgary use 457 million litres, and Monday was 472 million litres.

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Alberta Man Who Helped ‘Underground Railroad’ in China After Tiananmen Massacre Recalls Horror, Looks Ahead With Hope

By Shawna / June 12, 2024 /

It was Sept. 15, 1989, just months after police opened fire on pro-democracy protesters in what the world now knows as the June 4 Tiananmen Square massacre. Joseph Shi was huddled in a Cold War-era bunker in Kunming, China, along with other young people, devising a plan to smuggle student leaders out of the country through an “underground railroad.”

One night, however, police burst into the bunker and seized them as they slept. But Mr. Shi says he was strangely calm. “After the courageous things we had seen in the previous months, I wasn’t really fearing anything,” Mr. Shi, now living in Alberta, told The Epoch Times.

The Chinese regime is even more repressive now, he said, but he has hope that today’s youth will resist and that the spirit which drove the students in 1989 remains alive.

“I still see people from every generation speaking out, even though they face harsher consequences now than back then. So I haven’t lost hope. I think China is going to wake up,” Mr. Shi said.

Despite decades of propaganda from the Chinese communist regime brainwashing the Chinese people, “someday [the lies] will be proven to be all false and people will realize they have been cheated, victimized, and treated like slaves,” he said.

“When they wake up from those things, I believe China will still be a better place.”

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Tent City clean-up – Edmonton

By Shawna / June 12, 2024 /

Edmonton decided to clean up their tent city issue.
They packed them all up and dropped them in small towns in rural Alberta.

I know this because they did it to our town. We had one small tent city. Then a bus from Edmonton showed up and now we have 6 tent cities.

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Calgary City Council wants to permanently restrict water use

By Shawna / June 12, 2024 /

In line with what ‘conspiracy theorists’ have said from the beginning, Calgary City Council is taking advantage of the water main break to establish permanent water control measures to limit citizens’ consumption and use.

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Unreportable incident consumes two days of Coutts trial proceedings

By Valerie / June 11, 2024 /

The matter was resolved by the conclusion of Monday’s proceedings, with the jury expected to return to the courtroom on Tuesday for a continuation of the Crown’s presentation of its witnesses and evidence.

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Court drops BOMBSHELL Covid PCR data and they are FURIOUS | Redacted w Natali & Clayton Morris

By Iron Will / June 11, 2024 /

A court in Portugal rules that PCR tests were unreliable and should never have been used to take away people’s liberties. What now? But they DID use them to take away liberties! Alexandre Guerrero is a lawyer in Portugal and he joins us to discuss.

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