IWR Weekly: Trudeau Planning to Bring Back Vax Mandates

In this week’s Iron Will Report:

  • Long wait times now costing patients an average of $3,000
  • The Alberta election and our Not Notley campaign
  • The jackboots of B.C. : The details of Bill 36
  • Reclaiming Canada: Victoria conference May 26 to 28
  • Influencer Makes 70G in One Week With X-Rated AI Clone
  • Chinese cities begin to pay public employees in digital yuan
  • Canada tried digital currency in 2012: Dismal failure
  • Government can now audit you on GST going back 33 years
  • Canada Pension Plan invested in Chinese slave labor
  • Trudeau increases taxes on air travel
  • Single pilot flights proposed in Europe: Only one pilot on board
  • Bud Light gets cancelled again – this time by gay bars
  • Smoking Gun: Proof Trudeau is bringing back vaccine mandates

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