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IWR Weekly Sept. 22nd: X (Twitter) Now Controlled by the WEF

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • X (Twitter) Now Controlled by the WEF
  • The MillionMarch4Children
  • Trudeau Spends $1 Million to Silence Online Dissent
  • Canada’s Murder Manual
  • Russell Brand Cancelled by Youtube
  • CDN Government Websites Hacked – Again
  • The WHO’s New Secret Meetings
  • David Johnston Awarded Millions in Contracts to Liberal Cronies
  • Rising Crime is Costing Canadians $43 Billion a Year
  • G20 Plans for Global Digital Currency
  • More Damning Pfizer Studies
  • CDC Admits the Truth About Shot Harms
  • Dr. Risch Confirms Dr. Makis Turbo Cancer Reports
  • High Energy Lasers Used in Maui Fires?

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