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IWR Weekly Sept. 1st: 1600 Scientists Sign Declaration – There is No Climate Crisis

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

• 1600 Scientists Sign Declaration: There is No Climate Crisis
• The Chinese Don’t Like Steven Guilbeault Either
• C-18 May Not be in Effect Until 2025
• New Highly Lethal Street Drug
• Grocery Chain Dirty Dealing Contributes to High Prices
• Paper Straws Have Toxic Chemicals
• Canadian’s Distrust of MSM Grows
• More mRNA Shots Coming to Canada
• The Gryphon: The Latest ‘Scary’ Covid Variant
• Health Canada ‘Not Concerned’ About DNA in the Shots
• Harvard Says Meat Will Cause Next ‘Pandemic’
• CDC Shuts Down Adverse Event Reporting App
• Covid Vaccines Found to Cause VAIDS – Especially in Children
• CDC Refuses to do Study on Potential Harms of Childhood Vaccines
• Toxic Compounds Found in Masks
• Western University Continues White Racism
• No More Free Speech: Dr. Pam Popper
• Freeland Issues LGBTQ Travel Advisory
• Busty Lemieux is Back

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