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IWR Weekly Oct. 13th: What MSM ‘Forgot’ to Tell You About Israel

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear:

  • What Mainstream Media ‘Forgot’ to Tell You About Israel
  • Over 800 Canadians Debanked by Trudeau
  • Bill S-2: Another Step Toward Getting Rid of Gas-Powered Cars?
  • Trudeau Spends $700 Grand of Your Money on Vacations This Year Alone
  • The U.N. Wants us All to Live in Mud Huts
  • Canadian Government Wants to Remove ‘Best Before’ Dates from Food
  • A New Natural Pain Medication
  • PlasmidGate: World Council for Health Drops Covid Shot Bombshells
  • Cheap Repurposed Drugs to Treat and Prevent Cancer
  • Japanese Study Finds All Covid Variants Were Lab Produced
  • Excess Shot Deaths by Age Group; Data from Insurance Companies
  • Green Agenda Ruined by Ugly Reality
  • EV Battery Plant Needs Its Own Coal Fired Power Plant
  • Dylan Mulvaney Named ‘Woman’ of the Year

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