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IWR News for October 27th: Did Trudeau Pay the RCMP Not to Investigate SNC Lavalin?

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • Did Trudeau pay the RCMP not to investigate the SNC Lavalin scandal?
  • How many Canadians have been killed by MAiD since Trudeau’s election?
  • Canada Border Services ‘loses’ tens of thousands of illegal immigrants
  • Trudeau illegally funding SDG companies with tens of millions of your tax dollars
  • MasterCard’s new digital ID that tracks your vaccine status
  • Lich/Barber Freedom Convoy trial update
  • Meta sued by 42 states
  • Closing banks and ATMs to force CBDCs
  • The next ice age coming in the next ten years?
  • Health Canada admits SV40 in the Covid shots
  • NZ calls for a criminal investigation of government Covid mandates
  • Son of WEF co-founder calls for arrest of globalists
  • A new tool to fight back against AI
  • Elon Musk ‘cancels’ the New York Times
  • The cause of obesity discovered
  • Victoria’s Secret went woke and is going broke

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