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IWR News for November 24th | Killer Robots: Military AI Drones are Here

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • Murder Drones: AI Killer Robots are here
  • Trudeau commits more money for state sponsored media
  • Canada’s new Minister of Censorship
  • Canadian jobs created – for foreign workers
  • Freeland’s budget is released. Another financial disaster
  • Pilot distress calls increase over 300 percent
  • Mary Simon’s $8 million dollar yard shed update
  • CAF soldiers living in their cars
  • James Topp trial ends, sentencing announced
  • Lich/Barber Freedom Convoy trial update
  • Pfizer posts $2.4 billion dollar loss
  • Trudeau shoots Canadians; redacted report
  • Moderna found to be spending millions on censorship
  • Adverse reactions found in almost 2/3rds of recipients
  • Woke lead actress fired

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