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IWR News for December 22nd: The End of Civilization?

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • The end of civilization?
  • Rising tensions in Canada over the Israel Hamas conflict
  • Editorial: There are no ‘good guys’
  • A red light for ‘green’ cars
  • New Covid variant hits Canada
  • Coffee may save your lifeYet more alarming cancer data
  • U.K., extreme rise in ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’
  • Chinese surveillance in Canada
  • Are central banks admitting CBDC’s won’t work?
  • 50 year old man competes in girl’s swimming
  • News flash: Men don’t menstruate


  1. Jo-Anne on December 25, 2023 at 4:21 pm

    I appreciate your commitment to bringing us the truth !

  2. Brad on December 23, 2023 at 8:56 pm

    “Of course we know Hamas started this”…..this history goes back a lot further than this vengeful attack against an occupying enemy. Israel leadership, like Hamas leaders are the persons to blame as they have attacked both peoples in many ways without scruples. An atrocity for an atrocity and to provoke an atrocity if the outcome will be in the leadership’s interests. Surprised that Will is slightly biased in the Israeli leaderships favour….considering the history of their provoking….or as FDR spoke before Pearl Harbour and of the Japanese leaders, “We keep on stinking pins in the rattlesnake but it will not strike.” Well Hamas finally did strike. Fools that they are.

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