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International Justice | Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (EXCERPT)

We are all grateful for the efforts of ethical lawyers who are standing up for our rights and freedoms in the courts. John Carpay, Leighton Grey, Michael Alexander and Rocco Galati are just a few of the names you may be familiar with here in Canada. But lawyers around the world are fighting the globalists and their depopulation and control agenda.

One of the most prominent of these is Dr. Reiner Fuellmich from Germany. Reiner has a history of taking on large corrupt corporations and in at least some cases, winning. And he is also currently working with Kip Warner of the CSASPP in British Columbia, assisting with their case against the B.C. government.

In 2020 Dr. Fuellmich, whose doctorate is in law, co-founded the European Coronavirus Investigative Committee. Most recently Reiner and the committee conducted the Coronavirus Grand Jury, or what has been called by other people Nuremburg 2.0, although Reiner makes it clear that he does not use that label. The Grand Jury was an effort very similar to our National Citizen’s Inquiry here in Canada and featured testimony from many high profile experts.

However, like many prominent freedom leaders Reiner has also been the target of efforts to discredit him. Some of you may be aware that last fall a video surfaced online in which one of the co-founders of the Coronavirus Investigative Committee accused him of misappropriating funds.

Reiner joins me today to provide his response to those accusations, to discuss his legal efforts and the efforts of the CIC to recover and defend our rights, and provides a very clear picture of how he believes we will ultimately win back our rights and hold the tyrants accountable in courts of law around the world.

Here is the text of the email with Reiner refers to in the interview:


Hello Dr. Füllmich,

Viviane Fischer crossed my path several times in the early/mid 90s on the campus of the University of Freiburg.

She had approached me because I was wearing a fancy hat and told me she wanted to become a milliner.

Which I thought was funny because we were law students.

Beyond that, no conversation came up in all those years because Viviane was walking around like a zombie.

She was on drugs or psychotropic drugs for years, which is the same thing. I never saw her in a lecture. When I asked her once what was wrong with her, she just said “My father, stop”. At that, she looked at the floor and smiled.

All these years I kept thinking about this strange woman, because for me she was the loneliest and most unhappy person in the world and I was left with a guilty conscience because I didn’t help her and I thought she was in a psychiatric hospital somewhere.

Then when I saw her at the Corona Committee, I couldn’t believe it at first.

I don’t care what you have with each other. You are my heroes. The quarrel does not harm the movement in the long run. People have to understand that you are not mom and dad and that they have personal responsibility. It’s not enough to be in the Corona Committee comfort zone every Friday and be entertained.

I have one consolation regarding Prof. Joachim Bornkamm, one of the worst drivers of the NWO.

In 2014 he had a stroke and since then he is a vegetable. You could say heaven took him out of the BGH.

Many greetings and much strength

[Name removed to protect privacy]

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