Wholesale Treason: The Iron Will Report for the Week of March 31st

In this week’s Iron Will Report: Gates Buys Off Media Around the World Governor General’s 100K per day Travel Costs Trudeau Appoints Crony Investigator…Again 198 Canadian Companies Blacklisted in Government Email to Banks Wholesale Treason: The Leftist Sellout of Canada And in the Member’s Version at IronWillReport.com: They Won’t Shut Down the Internet…or Maybe They Will Another Climate Alarmist Dilemma: Greenland Ice Cores Eco-Cult Leader Guilbeault Blows 1.8 Mil at Non-Green Resort The Next Virus Scare Revealed by Big Pharma ‘Turbo’ Testicular Cancers: Dr. William Makis McDonald’s Partners with U.S. Government to Push mRNA A State Law Criminalizing mRNA Injections Canada Pays More for Shots than Any Other Nation The Woke Cancel Fun in Regina
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