The Spirit of Ottawa Freedom Convoy Lives On | Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson is one of the lawyers at the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms representing the Freedom Convoy and Tamara Lich, another political prisoner of the Trudeau government. Keith joins us today from Ontario to share some of his insights and experiences as a member of the legal team that was on the ground for 19 days in Ottawa where millions of Canadians gathered to peacefully protest the overreach of our rights in what was once a beacon of sound democracy and basic civil liberties. On striking down federal travel restrictions… I was hired by the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms, to be external counsel and assist a team of lawyers that they have. We’re working hard on seeking to strike down the federal government’s travel mandate, which prevents approximately 6 million Canadians who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated from flying or going on a ship or a train, prevents them from doing that within the country and prevents them from leaving the country. We will most likely be in the court in September. And we will have a two-day hearing where the lawyers, myself and there’s other applicants as well with other legal teams. On Freedom Convoy legal battles… [The Truckers] have been sued for $306 million by a personal injury lawyer. There’s a number of court proceedings related to the various donated funds that haven’t yet been returned to the donors because the class action lawyer brought up a court order against the truckers as did the Attorney General for Ontario, declaring it to be crime proceeds and on it goes. On Tamara Lich’s Situation… …she was in prison for 19 days on a charge of conspiracy to commit mischief that wasn’t committed. When she was brought into to the courthouse on her second jail appearance, they had her handcuffed, chained and shackled. So, that if nobody knows, that’s handcuffs around your wrist, going to a chain that’s around your waist and locked, going to a chain that goes down to your ankles and you’ve got handcuffs on your ankles. So, you have to do this shuffle walk. That’s what they did. She is five feet tall. She’s a petite lady, a grandmother, but she was a political prisoner. It was obvious she was a political prisoner, but what’s equally disturbing is ultimately after the third try with the legal team, the criminal law team that I coordinate with, we were able to get her out. One of her bail conditions, she’s banned from using any form of social media directly or indirectly. She’s banned from assisting or promoting any criticism of the government’s COVID mandates and restrictions or speaking in support of freedom movements. Valani, Vladimir Putin’s political opponent, who Putin has in jail just after the incredibly horrific invasion occurred of Ukraine. Valani from jail was able to call on Russians to protest in the street. If Tamara Lich were to call on Canadians to protest in support of the Charter and civil liberties and were to call on Canadians to take to the streets, to COVID restrictions, she’d be thrown in jail. [Putin] can’t even do that in Russia. LINK: Video About Hope (Mentioned in interview) Court Document (Mentioned in interview) Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms
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