The Psychology of Tyranny | Mark Davidson

The globalist tyrants are using psychology against the masses to exert control. Most of you already know that. A full understanding of this psychological warfare would fill a small library. In fact, many books have already been written on the subject. Not long ago I interviewed Mark Davidson, a computer technologist, on the threat that AI poses to us all. Not surprisingly while studying artificial intelligence, Mark learned a great deal about human psychology. In this interview, the second in this series, Mark gives us a bird’s eye view of how seemingly disconnected topics, from framing to shape the narrative, to the undermining of our children’s identity, to the intentional polarization of our society over topics like global warming and the covid narrative, are in fact, all part of a massive psychological gaslighting to frighten and pressure the masses into compliance, and ultimately rob them of the very ability to question the authorities. Mark also explains how AI is being used, and will be used to further that agenda of psychological control. People will resist having their freedoms taken from them. But those same people will voluntarily give up their freedoms if only the authorities will save them from a threat which they themselves do not understand. And almost none will ask if those same authorities manufactured that threat in the first place.
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