The New Iron Will Weekly News Report

In this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report at Pfizer admits to not testing their vaccine before release Expert analysis shows number of dead and injured from the shots Revelations from the Public Hearings on the Emergency Measures Act Many politicians who are pushing the shots are not vaxxed themselves Casket sales dramatically increase, especially for child-sized caskets New chimeric virus could kill up to 80% of infected Government trying to kill the Peckford case on violations to our freedom of movement And in the Members’ version at, all of the above plus: Fuel shortages in France Specialist predicts freezing, starvation and disease in northern climates Quebec College of Physicians recommending MAiD for babies Yukon joins gun grab pushback Schools promoting non-binary ideology Irish teacher jailed for refusing to call a boy ‘she’ J.K. Rowling protests transgender threat to women Students adopting ‘fursonas’ New Zealand to tax…wait for it… LINK: HERE: Hold Our Government Accountable!!
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