The New Iron Will Weekly News Report

In this week’s Free SAFC version: Conservative Italian PM Giorgia Meloni triggers the leftist media When is it time to start shooting in defense of our rights? Justice for the Vaccinated tour takes off in BC Pro covid vaccine doctor gets cancer from third shot Klaus Schwab wants to put microchips in our brains The real VAERS data and which brand of bioweapon is the deadliest? (the answer may surprise you) MORE in the Member Exclusive version on Reiner Fuellmich accused of embezzlement of over 1 million Euros Russia being framed for Nord Stream pipeline sabotage The lockdown in China you didn’t hear about – worse than Shanghai New anti-covid mandate job agency Bill C21 and the lunacy of the woke movement Bill Gates proven to be running the global Covid scam-demic Gmail is censoring you
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