The Iron Will Weekly News Report

November 18, 2022

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In this week’s Iron Will Report…

  • Mandates coming back, and a new virus
  • More Trudeau lies revealed at the Public Order Emergency Commission
  • Trudeau given a dressing down by Xi Jinping
  • Freeland next NATO leader?
  • Doc gets 1 million dollar fine for resisting the narrative
  • Censorship: Liberal plans to go beyond C-11
  • Your pension fund is in danger

And in the member’s only version at

  • Canada’s covid bill now exceeds 600 million
  • Big pharma tripling price of mRNA clot shots
  • Pilots collapsing in the cockpit
  • DIY suicide gas chambers
  • Globalist plan to pacify the people with drugs and video games
  • Some countries already adopting CBDCs and digital IDs
  • Study shows many climate scientists doubt human impact
  • Cross dressing shop teacher backed up by board
  • Racism in our universities: against whites

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