IWR Weekly: Titanic Banks Sink | Losses Exceed Insurance

In this week’s Iron Will Report … •   Calgary Bylaw Prevents Drag Show Protests: $10,000 Fine •   Are Drag Shows Really That Bad? See For Yourself •   MAiD Targeting the Disabled •   Oregon Opens to MAiD Tourism •   AI’s Cutting Off Elderly Health Care •   Hero of the Week: Cerebral Palsy Victim Defends Right to Life And in the Member’s Version at IronWillReport.com: •   Alarming Changes to TD Bank’s Client Agreement •   Bank Collapses Tip of the Iceberg: Insufficient Insurance •   Covid Conditioning: What the Plandemic was Really For •   CSIS: “Climate Change a National Security Threat” •   CRA Labels Cash as ‘Underground Economy’ •   The End of the Rainbow: NHL Rejects Woke Agenda •   Gwyneth Paltrow’s Anal Ozone Therapy
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