IWR Weekly Sept. 29th: Is Trudeau a Cocaine Addict?

By Iron Will / September 29, 2023 /

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • Is Trudeau a Cocaine Addict?
  • Freedom Convoy Trial Update
  • Bank of Canada Watchdog Bill
  • Subsidies Won’t Save Mainstream Media
  • Covid 2.0: More Mask Mandates
  • Shot Sterilizations; Birth Rate Down Dramatically
  • 300 Soldiers Sue the Canadian Armed Forces
  • CBC Revealed to Own $500 Million in Real Estate
  • An Update on Russell Brand
  • Lego Abandons Recycled Plastics
  • Our Submarines That Don’t
  • ‘Only Two Genders’ a Majority, but Only Just
  • Women Now in Danger at Shelters

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Million March 4 Children: Mahmoud Mourra

By Iron Will / September 28, 2023 /

Recently parents across the country united in the defence of our children against SOGI, the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity ideology being taught in our schools.

Last week, people of all faiths and beliefs participated in the MillionMarch4Children at over 100 locations across Canada. While some counter demonstrators turned up, demonstrations were largely peaceful and in most cases, those marching against transgenderism being forced upon our children greatly outnumbered the counter protestors.

Mahmoud Mourra succeeded in uniting Christians, Muslims, Jews and non-believers in this common cause. The marches were earmarked by images of demonstrators of all skin colors and faiths uniting in their cry to ‘Leave our children alone’.

In this in-person interview, Mahmoud discusses the catalyst which led him to start demonstrations months ago in his home city of Calgary, and the steps and challenges that led to the MillionMarch4Children, the largest protest in Canada since the Freedom Convoy.

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N.S. Data Proves No Pandemic: Shelly Hipson

By Iron Will / September 24, 2023 /

I’ve had the privilege to interview many of the top doctors and scientists in the world, but sometimes top quality data comes from everyday people. People who simply decided to dig. To get the facts, and then to bring those facts to the rest of us.

Shelly Hipson of Nova Scotia is one of these.

For the past two years, Shelley has submitted dozens of freedom of information requests to the Nova Scotia government on their covid policies and response.

What she has found is nothing less than the statistical proof, directly from the government of Nova Scotia, that there never was a pandemic. In fact, in 2020 deaths in Nova Scotia were lower than what had been predicted the previous year, before Covid was even announced.

Furthermore, the data she has acquired through freedom of information requests shows the shocking toll the vaccines are taking on the population.

There is no pandemic. The shots are not safe and effective. And Shelly has the government data to prove it.

LINK: ShellyHipson.ca

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IWR Weekly Sept. 22nd: X (Twitter) Now Controlled by the WEF

By Iron Will / September 22, 2023 /

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • X (Twitter) Now Controlled by the WEF
  • The MillionMarch4Children
  • Trudeau Spends $1 Million to Silence Online Dissent
  • Canada’s Murder Manual
  • Russell Brand Cancelled by Youtube
  • CDN Government Websites Hacked – Again
  • The WHO’s New Secret Meetings
  • David Johnston Awarded Millions in Contracts to Liberal Cronies
  • Rising Crime is Costing Canadians $43 Billion a Year
  • G20 Plans for Global Digital Currency
  • More Damning Pfizer Studies
  • CDC Admits the Truth About Shot Harms
  • Dr. Risch Confirms Dr. Makis Turbo Cancer Reports
  • High Energy Lasers Used in Maui Fires?


Transcript of SOGI Counter Protestors Meeting

Order Strong And Free Canada Brochures

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Why Trudeau Will Escape Justice: Umar Sheikh

By Iron Will / September 20, 2023 /

People are dying in Canada as a result of medical tyranny. Sheila Annette Lewis, in Alberta, was taken off the transplant list due to her vaccine status. Despite her lawyer, Umar Sheikh, after a 2 year fight, recently winning for Sheila the right to that life-saving transplant, the judgement came too late. Sheila Lewis died a few weeks ago.

In Ontario, 17 year old Sean Hartman was found dead on his bedroom floor just 33 days after his first Pfizer injection. Until the shot, Sean was perfectly healthy. His father, Dan Hartman, had pleaded with him not to take the shot, but Sean wanted to play Hockey, and the league wouldn’t let him unless he was vaccinated. Sean’s death occurred two years ago, but Dan has yet to get his day in court to seek justice for the loss of his son.

Lawyer Umar Sheikh, in cooperation with the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms has represented both Sheila Lewis and Dan Hartman.

In this interview, Umar reveals the shocking degree that government lawyers go to in order to delay court cases. Delaying tactics that are resulting in yet more delayed justice, and which will result in more deaths.

But these delaying tactics on the part of government lawyers are standard practice.

A practice so standard it leads to the inevitable conclusion that, in December of 2020 when Trudeau’s government launched vaccine mandates, and told Canadians that the vaccines were ‘safe and effective’, Trudeau knew that it would be at least ten years before a court in Canada would rule on that narrative.

Ten years while our government can continue to coerce tens of millions of Canadians into taking booster after booster. And by the time a court rules that the vaccines were anything but ‘safe and effective’, the damage will be done, and Trudeau will no longer be in a position to be held responsible.

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The Corruption of Canadian Courts: Denis Rancourt

By Iron Will / September 17, 2023 /

Due to the resounding silence from mainstream media, many people believe that the thousands of covid mandate related cases in our courts have been resolved. This is not the case. Our courts continue to rule against the rights of Canadians.

In one particularly egregious recent case in Ontario, a judge ruled in favor of a mother to decide not to inject her kids. As part of this decision Justice Pazaratz ruled that the science of ‘safe and effective’ vaccines was definitely not settled, all government claims to the contrary.

But then, the Ontario Court of Appeals not only overturned that very fair minded and just decision, but essentially sentenced two children to endless vaccine injections by awarding decision making authority to the father. A man who had presented no scientific evidence whatsoever and whose entire case appeared to have been built on character assassination of the children’s mother.

Denis Rancourt is not a lawyer. He’s a scientist. In my previous interview with Denis he showed from All Cause Mortality data from around the world that Covid did not result in any extra deaths. That in fact any extra deaths were the result of disastrous government actions.

But Denis also has more than 15 years experience in our courts. And he’s an exceptional researcher. He has written several papers doing what legal scholars should be doing, but aren’t. Finding the legal inconsistencies and biased decisions in our courts.

In this interview, Denis’s research shows that our courts have been captured. That they are working, not for the people, but for our government.


Denis’ Website

Ontario Appeals Court Case

Ontario Civil Liberties Association

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IWR Weekly Sept. 15th: New Tech Can See Through Walls

By Iron Will / September 15, 2023 /

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • New Tech Can See Through Walls
  • Guns Now a ‘Health Emergency’
  • Josh Alexander Wins in Court
  • CBC Pays 144 Executive Directors
  • 1 Million March for Children
  • Strong And Free Canada Brochures Delivered to Your Door
  • Tam Urges Canadians to Mask Up Again
  • Trudeau’s Government Approves First of 3 New Boosters
  • Quebec Government: Covid Will Never Be Over
  • CDC Admits Shot Harms
  • Emergency Use: Records Show Almost No Testing
  • Kids Getting Heart Transplants in Record Numbers: And They’re Not Working
  • Health Canada Discourages Doctors from Reporting Vax Injuries
  • Vax Injured Forced to ‘Speak in Code’ Online
  • Bill Gates Backing CBDC’s
  • Payment System Square Collapses
  • Gates Invests $95 Million in Bud Light



Order Strong And Free Canada Brochures

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Why CBDCs Won’t Work: Brett Oland, CEO, BVCU

By Iron Will / September 13, 2023 /

Currently the globalists and cooperating governments around the world are working to implement systems that will allow them total control over your money and your privacy. Specifically through CBDCs, Central Bank Digital Currencies and through Open Banking.

But what if they can’t make it work?

Despite all the mainstream media coverage and government propaganda, there are very knowledgeable people who believe that they can’t. That the CBDC agenda simply cannot be implemented.

Brett Oland is the CEO of Bow Valley Credit Union in Alberta. BVCU, under Brett’s leadership, is taking steps to not only resist government and globalist control, but to protect their clients from the repercussions should they succeed.

In this interview, Brett clearly explains CBDCs and why he believes they simply won’t work. He also discusses the threat to your privacy represented by open banking. If you are using an accounting app that ties directly to your bank account, the government and corporations already have fine-grained access to your financial transactions.

If you are concerned about CBDCs and your financial privacy and security, this interview is essential viewing.

Bow Valley Credit Union

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No Political Parties: Peter Mac Isaac

By Iron Will / September 10, 2023 /

A few weeks ago I had as a guest on my show Peter Mac Isaac who revealed the truth behind the government corruption and incompetence that is feeding the wildfires across Canada. But in my discussions with Peter I discovered we share a conviction, one which we believe could transform politics in Canada and, as a case study, it’s already been successfully implemented in Nunavut. It’s called consensus government, a form of government in which all MLAs are independent and there is no party system. No party system means that blocks of votes cannot be controlled by a single party or alliance of parties such as the one between the federal liberals and the NDP. It also means that elected representatives work for their constituents without threat of being expelled by their party if they don’t vote as directed.

Peter is working toward finding independent candidates for every riding in his home province of Nova Scotia and, after only a few weeks, has gathered 20% of the needed candidates. The election is still 18 months away and he’s confident to have a full roster by then. His plan is realistic; not a plan to form a full consensus government in Nova Scotia, at least not yet. Just to get enough independent MLAs elected that there will be a minority government, and where nothing will get done without the consent of the independent representatives who are working not for political party but in the interest of the people who elected them.

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IWR Weekly Sept. 8th: C-18 Online by This December

By Iron Will / September 8, 2023 /

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

• C-18 Online in December
• Gov. Agency Ignores 27,000 Consumer Bank Complaints
• Lich, Barber, Freedom Convoy Organizer’s Trial Begins
• Courts Clearing Social Media Convoy Support
• Gun Toting Indigenous Man Gets Lights Sentence Because of Residential Schools
• Canadian Population Much Higher than Gov. Statistics Say
• Other Countries’ Wars are Coming to Our Streets
• Mask Mandates Beginning Again in Canada
• New Study Debunks Asymptomatic Transmission
• Study Reveals How Much More Likely Vaxxed are to Die
• Department of Defense Study Proves Vax Brain Injuries
• Busty is No Longer Busty
• The Right Goes PC in the War Against the Left

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