IWR Weekly: Nordstream Culprit

By Shawna / February 17, 2023 /

In this week’s report….

  • Liberal Healthcare Parachute Won’t Open
  • Covid Theatre Results in Record Wait Times
  • Canada Leads the Way in Medical Tyranny
  • We Are The Borg: 6G
  • Our New Speaker’s Corner

And in the Members version the above PLUS…

  • WHO Pushes Surveillance and 100% Injection Rates
  • Moderna: The Disciples of Mengele
  • Broke Under Freeland, Trudeau’s Word is ‘Fertilizer’
  • Zombieland: Double Mask
  • Criticizing Trudeau Threatens Citizenship
  • Nordstream Culprit Revealed
  • Telegram or Telegraph? App Not Secure
  • Gender Fluid Security Risk
  • Luke Turns to the Gay Side?

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How They’ll Sell the Surveillance State | James Roguski

By Shawna / February 16, 2023 /

James Roguski is an author, researcher, activist, and natural health advocate. He specializes in researching highly complex issues and translating data into simple language that is easily understood to facilitate action. Mr. Roguski’s Substack has been a source of information for a number of my own weekly news segments on the Iron Will Report.

James and I have sometimes been in the same meetings with other freedom leaders. We’re both contributors to the World Council for Health, and we’re both doing everything we can to make the truth accessible to as many people as possible.

Recently, I reached out to James with a request for an interview. His Substack makes it clear he is knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects in regards to the attempted globalist takeover of our rights and freedoms, but James turned the tables on me, and instead invited me to be interviewed by him.

In this interview James asks for my bird’s eye view of the globalist strategy. What they are really doing, what they are likely to do, and most importantly what we can all do to stop them.

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IWR Weekly News: AI Censorship

By Shawna / February 10, 2023 /

In this week’s report:

  • Bill C-11 May Not Pass
  • Even Facebook Blasts Bill C-18
  • AI Censorship Being Developed by U.S.
  • Spinning the Coming POEC Decision

And in the member’s only report at IronWillReport.com

  • ArriveCan 2.0
  • Twitter Still Censoring – Including Us
  • More Proof of Government Collusion with WEF
  • How the Green Agenda is Killing the Economy
  • Billions Spent By Liberals on Charging Stations
  • The Truth Behind the Trudeau/Smith Handshake
  • Further Moves to Cripple Food Production in Canada
  • Tucker Carlson Trolls the NDP
  • SFU Offers Seminar on Climate Change Anxiety

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64-Year-Old Doctor Cures Himself of Type 2 Diabetes | Dr. Paul Marik

By Shawna / February 9, 2023 /

Type 2 Diabetes is one of the most common ailments in our society. More than one in every 10 adults has type 2 diabetes, almost 30% of people over 65 have diabetes, and it’s even becoming common in children. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor will tell you that you will need to take insulin for the rest of your life.

Your doctor is wrong.

My guest today is Dr. Paul Marik, the co-founder, chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of the Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance, based in Washington, D.C. Dr. Marik is an accomplished physician with expertise in a diverse set of medical fields, with specific training in Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Neurocritical Care, Pharmacology, Anesthesia, Nutrition, and Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Dr. Marik was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in his early 40s and was put on medication to control his blood sugar. Until he discovered what medical colleges are not telling doctors, and what the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know.

Recently, Paul changed his diet and eating habits. Today, he is on zero medications and his blood sugar levels are returning to normal. At the age of 64, after more than 20 years as a diabetic.

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Our Death Cult of a Country | Nicole Scheidl

By Shawna / February 7, 2023 /

Canada leads the world in medical assistance in dying. In 2021, the most recent year for which we have figures, over 10,000 people in Canada received MAiD. That’s more than any other country in the world. For comparison, the state of California, with assisted suicide laws and a population very close to ours, killed just over 400 in the same year.

And it gets worse. In March of this year, it will likely become law that people who are suffering from mental illness, even just clinical depression, can qualify for MAiD. There are doctors and clinics in our country where assisted suicide is their entire practice, and people visiting food banks are now asking about MAiD as a way out of being poor.

Nicole Scheidl is the Executive Director of Physicians for Life, an organization dedicated to education and awareness of what one twitter user called ‘our death cult of a country’.

Nicole joins us today to discuss the problems facing our society in regards to suicide and serious concerns about the fact that our government is now proposing that MAiD be made available to what they call ‘mature minors’, children as young as fourteen. And likely without the consent or involvement of their parents.

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IWR Weekly News: Truck Trudeau 2.0

By Shawna / February 3, 2023 /

In this week’s free version:

  • F*ck Trudeau – Freedom Convoy 2.0
  • Trudeau’s Campaign to De-Criminalize Crime
  • MSM’s Billion Dollar Funeral
  • True North Not Strong and Free
  • Bolshevik British Columbia

AND in the Member’s version all of the above PLUS:

  • WEF’s Coming Global Cyber Shutdown
  • Gates and Zuckerberg Admit Shots Don’t Work
  • Pfizer Exec Video You Didn’t See
  • WHO Plan to Enforce Endless Injections
  • Trudeau’s Policies and Impending Financial Doom
  • A Grab Bag of Good News
  • I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up
  • Purple is the New Stupid

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By Shawna / January 27, 2023 /

In this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report:

  • New World Order: What Happened in Davos
  • CDN Government Legislating Tyrannical Censorship
  • Analysis: Why the MSM Won’t Report on Bill S-223
  • U.S. DoD Submits ‘Zero Trust’ Internet Report to Biden

And in the members’ version, those stories and…

  • AHS Computer’s Crash as Smith Conducts Purge of Health Services
  • How Much Has Our Government Spent Redacting Documents?
  • Embarrassing Moments at Davos
  • Interactive Vaccine Harms Database Now Online
  • ‘Death Breath’; Inhalable mRNA ‘Vaccines’
  • 15 Minute Cities Coming to Canada; Pilot Projects
  • Cisheteronormativity: A Word the Woke Made Up
  • Racially Segregated Theatre: No Whites Allowed

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Deconstructing a Bioweapon | Dr. Stephanie Seneff

By Shawna / January 26, 2023 /

The Covid injections are causing millions of deaths, and potentially hundreds of millions of vaccine-related injuries as well as miscarriages beyond anything we’ve seen before. Scientists around the world are working to understand the mechanisms of injury, in the hopes of finding a way to reverse the damage.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff is one of the top researchers in this field. Dr. Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from MIT in biology and a master’s degree and a PhD in electrical engineering and computer science. She has combed through countless scientific papers and identified many of the mechanisms of injury, allowing us to understand on a microscopic level how the injections were designed to kill and maim their victims.

In addition, Dr. Seneff has co-authored a number of papers on her findings, along with other eminent scientists and researchers such as Dr. Peter McCullough. In this interview she shares Powerpoint presentation which will allow us all to understand better what is happening. If you or someone you love has been injured by the vaccines, the information you will see today is an important step toward finding a way to reduce or reverse the damage.

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Canada: The Indoctrination Nation | Tanya Gaw

By Shawna / January 24, 2023 /

Transgenderism. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Critical Race Theory. Legalization of drugs. Mass immigration. The radicalization of the woke movement. The banking system. These are just some of the ways in which our country is being attacked, and they are all connected and orchestrated.

Tanya Gaw is the founder of Action4Canada.ca and one of very few Canadians who recognized the globalist agenda much earlier than most of us. Tanya started her war for our rights and freedoms in 2015. In this interview, Tanya and Will reveal how all of these attacks upon our society are connected, and what we can do about it.

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The Iron Will Weekly News Report

By Shawna / January 20, 2023 /

In this week’s free version of the IronWillReport:

  • Covid Hotels Coming Back?
  • The Coming White Minority in Canada
  • Anti-Coke? You’re a Racist
  • Kill Switches in Our Cars
  • The Surveillance State Within: Neural Dust

And MORE in the full members’ version:

  • Toronto Woman Killed for Not Wearing a Mask
  • Proof of Who is Behind the Attacks on Food Processing Facilities
  • Vaxxed Meat: Coming Soon
  • Citizenship Based Taxation
  • Charities ‘Accidentally’ Deregistered by CRA
  • Davos: The Porno Version
  • 3 in 1 ‘Vaccines’
  • Busty Lemieux Gets Busted
  • Transgender Miss Universe

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