Lighting a fire in Nova Scotia (NS) could cost you big time if you’re caught.

Investigations into the three fires have determined each of them to be an act of arson

To help avoid any new wildfires, Nova Scotia increased the fine for breaking the province-wide burn ban to $25,000.

“We need all Nova Scotians to take the wildfire situation as seriously as we are. We are still finding cases of illegal burning, and it has to stop,” said Tory Rushton, Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables.

“We’re taking every measure to prevent new fires from starting. All Nova Scotians need to do their part — follow the burn ban, stay out of the woods and help keep your families and communities safe.”

The fine, which is set in the Summary Offence Ticket Regulations, had been $237.50. Penalties are levied through summary offence tickets issued by police, conservation or other law enforcement officers. The burn ban is in place until June 25 or until conditions allow it to be lifted.

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