The debate around what to name a new centre aimed at promoting Black student success is coming to a head at the Peel public school board, with members of the community saying they feel betrayed and blindsided by trustees.

Local activists say they had hoped to see it named the Kola Iluyomade Centre of Black Excellence, in memory of the late community leader who was an instrumental figure in the board’s ongoing work to dismantle anti-Black racism.

But trustees with the Peel District School Board adopted a motion at a committee meeting in early May to simply call it The Centre of Black Excellence. That motion is now on the agenda scheduled to go before all trustees at a Wednesday night board meeting for final approval.

The decision follows a wider cultural reckoning over who our institutions, landmarks and buildings are named after. Broader insight into the controversial pasts of notable individuals has led to universities being renamed and to policies being passed to prevent this from happening again.

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